E-Mu Systems Drumulator Drum Machine

Here’s a quick demo of the classic E-Mu Systems Drumulator drum machine, originally released in 1983.

The Drumulator was very limited, by today’s standards, with 12-bit samples and 1.2 seconds of sample time. But E-Mu made the most of those limitations, gave the Drumulator some classic sounds and it went on to be heard on countless recordings.

Recognize that sound from any classic tracks?

via AnalogAudio1

8 thoughts on “E-Mu Systems Drumulator Drum Machine

    1. New Order of that era is usually closely associated with the Oberheim DX. Plus I don’t the Drumulator was released until ’83, while Thieves Like Us was recorded in ’82. Check out DM’s Everything Counts for a good Drumulator reference.

  1. Cocteau Twins used the rock chip sounds on a lot if their recordings. I used to have one, very good solid sounds on it.

  2. hello i have one of these classic machines in good working condition and am wondering what i can sell it for….i would appreciate any feedback…thank you in advance…

  3. @ Jeff D that changeover at 2:24 is going to the “Rock Drums” EPROM released by Digidrums in ’84, aka the Bonham “When the Levee Breaks” sample set. We all know the sound….Tears for Fears “Shout”

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