How To Write A Track In Ableton Live

This extensive 12-part video series features Sydney, Australia producer Mr. Bill demonstrating how he writes a track in Ableton Live.

“Essentially, it’s how I write a track from beginning to end in Ableton Live, with no corners cut,” he explains. The last video even covers working with a professional mastering engineer. 

The final track is a free download:

You can download the Ableton project file via Mr. Bill’s site and you follow Mr. Bill via his Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “How To Write A Track In Ableton Live

  1. Phenomenal video. Mr. Bill is amazing…every move he makes here is spot-on. If this is ‘writer’s block’ I’ll take 5 dozen, please. Loaded with simple yet effective ideas. I charge $50 an hour for folks to sit over my shoulder like this. Not for the beginner, but definitely one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen. Played some shows with him in the past…cheers mate!

    1. All these videos and you still don’t know what the Push is? Your comment might have some validity if Push actually produced sound, but as it’s purely a controller, it doesn’t need audio outputs.

  2. Nice video. It’s the kind of video which makes me go “I would have done that completely different”. For example the part at the beginning where he uses 2 samples on 2 tracks to “extend” on each other. I’d be more tempted to pick up the Sampler device for that.

    Thing is, even though I’m sure many people won’t understand my reasoning, but that is what makes this video so great for me.

    if we’d do everything the same way then it sure would get boring.

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