‘Amazing Audio Engine’ Streamlines iOS Music App Development


Audiobus developer Michael Tyson delivered a TKO for music app developers today, releasing Amazing Audio Engine, a free framework for creating iOS audio applications.

Built on the Core Audio Remote IO system, The Amazing Audio Engine is designed to let developers focus on the parts of their apps that are unique, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Here are the details:


  • Effortless creation of live audio content with objects, blocks, or Audio Units and looping audio file players
  • Automatic mixing of multiple audio signals with per-channel volume and pan controls.
  • Built-in support for audio filtering and effects, with support for Audio Units, blocks or object filters.
  • Rich audio input support with sophisticated multi-channel support.
  • Deep Audiobus inter-app audio system support.
  • Sophisticated system output recording and monitoring for in-app session recording or analysis.
  • Arbitrary audio format support: Interleaved, non-interleaved, mono, stereo, 16-bit, floating-point – whatever you need.
  • Built-in audio file reading and writing, with support for all Core Audio-supported formats.
  • Support for pinpoint-accurate timestamp based timing and alarm mechanisms.
  • Very light, efficient C engine, designed from the ground up for speed.
  • Fast, lock-free synchronisation between main and audio threads.
  • High-quality documentation with sample code and a developer forum.

See The Amazing Audio Engine site for details.

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