AudioBus Now Available To All Developers

audiobusAudiobus Pty Ltd, developers of the Audiobus inter-app audio routing app for iPad and iPhone, have announced that the Audiobus software development kit is now publicly available to anyone:

With three months and 100+ compatible apps since we launched Audiobus, we’re pleased to announce that today we are making the Audiobus SDK public.

You can find the Audiobus Developer Center here:

You’ll find extensive documentation, a developer community forum, and utilities to register and manage your apps so that they appear within the Audiobus app and on our site.

We’d like to thank you for your support and patience as we made the SDK ready, and wish you all the best in joining the growing Audiobus community!

Opening up the AudioBus software development kit to anyone should kick the adoption rate into overdrive. That, plus the announcement yesterday of JACK for iOS, promise to keep the evolution of audio on iOS moving rapidly.

11 thoughts on “AudioBus Now Available To All Developers

      1. Don`t forget about JACK and WIST and Tabletop.

        The list of 3rd party conduit on IOS is getting longer and longer. Its time for Apple to really integrate and standardize inter-audio/pasteboard conduits at the core of IOS soon or else it will become even more of a mess.

  1. Nice one. I can’t praise the developers of Audiobus highly enough; they’ve done everything perfectly with regard to how they’ve rolled it out (in my opinion), and have managed to get an amazing number of other developers on board, and in a short time have created a new standard with (as of now) 101 compatible apps, with many more expected imminently.

    With the advent of Jack on iOS, the future is somewhat cloudy. I’ve used Jack on the Mac for a little while, and it’s cool that it’s come to iOS, but that means the audio/MIDI connection options (compatability wise) could fracture the market because what are developers to do? Incorporate Audiobus/Virtual MIDI/Jack and ACP (or GPB) and whatever else?

    It’s stunning how quickly some people now refuse to buy an app if it hasn’t got Audiobus, when it’s only been available since last December!
    Will this be repeated for Jack?

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.

  2. I think the timing of this announcement is critical with todays unveiling of JACK.

    I really think that business and tech schools could study AUDIOBUS as an example of the perfect roll out.

    I remmeber the innitial issues with buffer sizes and how the team steered their fledgling product through icey waters without ever looking like they werent in complete control.

    their choice to work WITH early adoptors kept standards high, glitches minimal and actually, the app list looks like a short cut to finding the best developed apps on the Ipad at the moment.

    I am sure as the range of products increases, there may be a new stage of issues, but I know the team will work hard to solve them in a colabarative and sensible way.

    Well done, and good luck I say 🙂

    1. Why? The timing?

      The Audiobus guys announced that they were going to do this months ago. Just because you weren’t aware of that doesn’t mean that they’re ‘afraid of Jack’s release’.

      At this point, Jack has zero support. I do see the two options moving in the same direction over time, though.

    2. I also don’t see this as a fear-based reaction, at all. Audiobus has a very different look and feel than Jack. I imagine I’ll use both for different purposes.

  3. NEWSFLASH! I just updated my Garage Band for iPhone to its new version and to my surprise the new version supports Audiobus (Output).

    1. I’ll have to check it out. According to Apple it should support Audiobus as a receiver (input). “Play and record music apps supported by Audiobus directly into GarageBand.”

      1. Yep, just tested and works great. Text prompts inside of GB help the user set it up, and the addition of background audio in the last update makes it easy to incorporate Animoog right into GB tracks. Nice!

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