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  1. Did not get this. All I heard were orchestra hits and a robot voice, which, though instructive, seemed to serve no structural function other than just being there, like an awkward afterthought, and to sit uncomfortably on top of a meter to which there doesn’t appear to have been any attempt to set it. Kraftwerk was from before my time, though. And I realise that plays a larger role than I’d generally be willing to admit. So, i respect the opinion of anyone who disagrees with me on this one. I just didn’t get it.

  2. is this an actual official video..not like a “fan video”? if so I think someone needs to choose a new marketing manager.

    It reminds me of the first few years after Photoshop was released, Camera magazines were full of random images thrown through a rash of filters and presented as “art”.

  3. You see this a lot. Many musicians who were thought of to be innovative when they were younger, lose it as they get older. You see many innovative musicians from the 60′-70’s who’s music changed into the 80’s & 90’s and became less innovative in many ways. Still great song writers but less innovative and forward thinking from a design perspective.

    1. Well, you can’t be innovative and do the same old thing at the same time. Discovering something new at one point of time doesn’t make one innovative IMO…

  4. Bartos’ new music has the magic of old Kraftwerk, which has sadly been missing from Kraftwerk for a long time. Bartos, Schnieder & Flur were more man than machines in the group!

    The video and song lyrics, though, are devoid of the vision of classic Kraftwerk. Like Xtopher said, it looks like student level work, where Kraftwerk’ music, album art, visuals and videos have always had excellent concepts and execution.

  5. I was at Karl’s record signing and audio-visual presentation last night at Rough Trade in London.
    Karl was an absolute gentleman,with time for everybody(a huge crowd).The album is excellent in my opinion,though I don’t think “Atomium” is the best track-his current single “Without a trace of emotion” is far more representative I think.
    His last album “communication” I really love and didn’t think he would better it,but I think he has.

    1. Definately not the best track, but still head and shoulders above 90% of electronic music that’s been released this year. And it sounds so analog, no idea what he used on the album, lets hope it inspires Kraftwerk to release some new tracks…..

  6. His contribution to electronic music not withstanding, the song and video sort of reminds me of something like a demo on the old Amiga A500, only not as good.

    1. Someone said it sounded like Amiga Computer music……..exactly why it is loved, there is no escaping the synthetic sound.
      This is what it is all about.
      People Check out ‘I want to Fuck a Manikin by Doppler Effect’ and ‘The Afro Germanic’ track I think by UR(or was it it Drexciya?)
      Keep music , crude , raw and beautiful. Thank you Bartos!!

  7. “Atomic age?” Um…. has he not heard of cell phones and graphene by now? Shouldn’t he have presented as his main track something that doesn’t sound like thousands of newbie Kraftwerk imitators? His being a former member of that band doesn’t impress me for its own sake when I was hoping to hear some musical growth and maturity. This sounds like one-third of a Daft Punk piece. I don’t demand endless innovation, but its hard to keep hailing a legendary band’s name when the members seem mired in their style of 1979. Jarre’s “Metamorphoses” is a more mature work, but all anyone seems to want is $#@! Oxygene played on a loop. Perhaps Bartos is similarly pigeonholed and has to stay in place to please the biggest buyers.

    1. Kraftwerk hasn’t really released anything interesting since its last album with Bartos, Electric Cafe, in the 80’s.

      This sounds like more like a true successor to classic Kraftwerk than Tour De France or anything since.

  8. Well at least Karl has actually released new material, whereas Kraftwerk seem to be spending their time touring with nothing new since 10 years ago, and constantly hinting that ‘new material is coming’. No wonder the other three original members left in frustration.

  9. I’m amazed at the narrow minded responses to this, I do despair, doesn’t anyone appreciate good songwriting anymore?

    Must everything sound like a demented dubstep mashup to be worthy of positive comments.

    And as for you Fungo, I love Jarre, but seriously, the last decent thing he did was Zoolook…..

    I shall now go and listen to Autobahn…. In a darkened room….

  10. Bartos , was the heart of Kraftwerk for me. He is bold and not scared of heavy distinct sound.
    I Was A Robot , is a must read on Krafwerk .
    Well done Mr Bartos.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kraftwerk, but this felt like 4 minutes of a constantly awkward dissonant build that didn’t really go anywhere. Maybe it was masterminded by Disney in some sort of diabolical plan to get in on the electronic music scene…. Think about it

  12. OK – i love kraftwerk!!! BUT….
    sorry, but this is not a song – this only synth trash without structure,without sounddesign and finally without any melody. i love kraftwerk!!! bartos failed… sorry ;-))

  13. Hi from Belgium !
    I live not far of the Atomium 😉
    Same comment as above …. not the best electronic tune of Brussels
    Have a nice day

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