Free Music From Steve Roach

Free Music Friday: Ambient electronic music composer Steve Roach has released a track, Today, as a ‘name your price’ BandCamp download.

Steve Roach has dedicated over three decades of his life to exploring electronic  soundworlds, documented via dozens of albums.

Here’s what Roach has to say about the track:

“Recorded live Saturday morning Feb 16, 2013. Created with my mobile live – studio.

I set up for a few days in the house I grew up at in San Diego, Calif.
The house is empty now, the memories of the past meet with today.
Hope you enjoy this gift to my friends of the music. “

4 thoughts on “Free Music From Steve Roach

  1. Wow. I’ve been a fan of Steve’s for 23 years. This is such a great mix of early and late Roach. When I read the description (recorded in his old house with modern gear) it made even more sense.
    If you like this, and haven’t heard much or any of his music, you’re in for an amazing treat. Dreamtime Return (1988) has been my night listening music for around 70% of the evenings of the last 20 years. Then Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (discs 2 and 3 especially; 2003) have been in the rotation for the past ten years now. These are masterpieces.

  2. Steve is one of those classy “side” musicians, like Kit Watkins (“Sunstruck”) or Michael Brook (“Cobalt Blue.”) They’re all low-key in a sense, but their music is leagues beyond casual pop. You have to invest some listening time to decipher the depth of it and you are rewarded when you do. “Funny” how Steve has drawn crowds of several thousand in South America, IIRC, but closer to the hundreds here. It tells a certain cultural tale.

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