36 thoughts on “Nord Introducing New Synth At Musikmesse 2013

  1. Perhaps it may actually be a full on Analog synth from Nord. If holding true to the add saying “Having not forgotten where their synthesizer roots come from”?

    1. Hate to rain on the optimism parade, but they didn’t say “where their synthesizer roots came from…” They said they didn’t forget their “synthesizer roots” It’ll probably be digital. It’ll likely be good stuff. But they have no analog roots, just virtual analog, which is fine by me, the FM synthesis is what makes the Nord Lead interesting. The morph too. With nord I’d expect elegant design that seems limited to the uninitiated and powerful to those who know how to use it. My optimistic view would be hoping for the Modular G3. Wishing for analog is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

      1. I second the “probably not an analog” opinion.

        Clavia getting back to their roots most likely means a new Nord Lead. It was their original product, and it hasn’t seen an update in quite some time.

  2. I hope is a Nord Modular G3 or a real analog … interesting that with Nord synths I don’t feel the need to replace the past instruments with new versions they match together like pieces of the same puzzle.

  3. Whatever it will be , I imagine it will not be aimed at the budget end of the market.
    Korg and Dave Smith have set the standard on great gear at realistic prices. It should be amusing to see
    what Clavia serve up.

    1. Nord does what Nord does. I can’t see why anyone would slag them off for not making an MS-20 mini. I’m guessing its time for a rethink on the Nord Lead. These guys started the popularisation of virtual analog, technology as moved on, possibilities are greater, taste for analog sounds is greater. They’ll probably come up with something stunning. Something expensive, but worth every penny.

      Myself I’m into their organs, but it looks like the Lead needs the update for the current market more, so that makes more sense.

  4. The only thing we know for certain at this point is that in a week and half…
    A- We will know what it really is.
    B- The slagging of Clavia will swiftly follow if it isn’t “real” analog, cost’s more than $800, and/or has a whistle or bell missing that one other piece of gear (at any price) has.
    C- Based on a YouTube demo vid, shot on the floor at Messe with a cellphone someone will declare that it “sounds like crap”.

    It’s the circle of life.

      1. …and the Minibrute rocks. Nord are unlikely to release anything that competes price wise but you know it will be built like a tank and be beautifully designed.

  5. For god sake, I hope they won’t forget their roots and won’t come with another stupid tiny analog synth or reedition synth just like any other manufacture do because they don’t have any inspiration to do anything really *new*.

    I’m not living in the past, I’m living in the future…so please Nord, bring us a new Nord Lead 4, Nord Wave 2 or Nord Modular G3… not a stupid neo-retro analog synth. Nord, you never did analog, it’s not your roots… don’t follow the hype, be smarter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hopefully it will be a more compact sized Synthesizer like the Nord Modular G2 was. I still gig with it from time to time and it’s not too big to carry around!

  7. This isn’t a leak. It’s the back of their NAMM brochure from last January. I’m not sure why this is news. Personally I put the odds of a G3 at about 33%, unfortuantely.

  8. My guess is a part-for-part re-creation of the nearly 20 year old Nord Lead (mk1). They’ll bring back all the old engineers to figure out just how they built the groundbreaking synth, and build it to an 80% scale. Sure, they’ll have to scour a bit for those old Motorola chips, and they’ll likely just keep it to four voices to keep the cost down, but people will be falling all over themselves to buy them as soon as they hit the shelves.

  9. A Nordular Leadwave Max4. Basically, a supercharged DSP with all their historicall modulations, and I’m in for a new bunch of euros ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. They could have a real winner if they make a Nord Wave 3 with all the great features that they had on the Nord Lead and forgot to implement on the wave: tempo-synced LFOs, multi-timbral and most importantly knobs with LEDs so you can instantly see how a patch is configured – in many ways the Nord Wave was a big step backwards from the Lead 3. You can always run the synth through an analogue filter or compression unit (like the King Korg’s valve) – even better if they build that in properly!

  11. “But the real question is if Jordan Rudess will endorse it. Then we will all know for sure that this is something special.” ???? What the….
    What is the big deal about Jordan Rudess ? ????? How important is for you or any other synth users if he attend those crappy sessions and promote one device. He’s quite busy with gadget tools anyway.
    Is that your REAL Question? I feel sorry for you and all of those who liked it.

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