Duet For Leaves & Turntable

This is Diego Stocco‘s latest sound design video song, Duet For Leaves & Turntable.

Here’s what Stocco has to say about it:

Recently I bought a turntable to use it for an experiment, but that didn’t turn out as I was expecting.

Then, I noticed the equally spaced ridges on the plate and got an idea for something else.

For about an hour I recorded short musical phrases by rubbing leaves against the turntable (the type of leaf, angle, pressure and fold determined the sound), then I combined the different takes together. Every element comes from those recordings, including the bass, kick and snare sounds (shaped with EQ, compression and resonators).

Other of Stocco’s musical projects are based on trees and other natural ingredients, including Music from a Tree and Music from Nature.

8 thoughts on “Duet For Leaves & Turntable

  1. Diego continues to be my sound design hero. While many of his projects seem a little contrived and ridiculous to some, I love that he’s willing to share the results of his creative spark…even when they’re as silly as this.

    1. Would like to know more about mics for sampling & sound design. I’m always impressed by Stocco’s work, but I’m still a bit clueless about what he’s doing with the mics, too.

  2. Diego could play a pizza and make it sound good. I believe that is a mic on his finger, the better to capture the leafy goodness.

    1. bosM on April 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm said:
      Just wondering at what point what you hear is just the processing effects ?

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      And why would that make it any less creative or impactful? Being a Master with effects is just as cool as found sound IMHO. In fact molding and shaping sound is very liberating .It forces you to work with what you have. Choice limitation can be a very good thing.

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