12 thoughts on “Ableton Push Controller Review

  1. Think I will wait for the MKII model, this version is flawed without LEDS around the endless encoders.
    Would an APC40 without the LEDs make knob position accurate?
    Im not a PUSH hater, I love the idea.. but its so LAME with that screen with tiny text to read without having to lean in.

    I dont agree with Nick’s comment that Ableton didnt cut any corners… but its just my opinion that endless encoders are best served with LEDs

    1. The screen is easy to read without having to lean in. I think considering the encoders are on top, LED rings would actually be harder to read because the encoders would be in the way! (without leaning in :P)

      1. What if I dont want to read numbers and text in the middle of a frentic mix? Normally I mount my gear with velcro, so I can have the unit veritcal. I also use more than 1 midi controller, so if Im using something way over to the left and have my arm free to access the PUSH from the right… What do you think is easier to read in a live performance…Definitely not the text imho. They had to cut costs somewhere.. and from a marketing perspective… you will have the same iphone upgrade bonanza going on when they can release the new MKII model with something that makes the upgrade GAS work. Im not slamming ableton or the controller.. dont get me wrong.. its amazing…… If this were another company making the controller then it would have been the same argument.. however considering AKAI made the APC40 and the endless encoder with leds makes a HUGE difference if your actually making music improv or live.. not mouse arranging kind of music making. Novation controllers use the LED rings for endless encoders and it makes a huge difference when accessing the parameters of Ableton racks.

  2. i think they should have an optional drinks holder and ash tray attachment with flashing lasers and a mirror for your doing your make up in………

    i guess theirs no satisfying some people

    1. Red is the best color for text in the dark, because it doesn’t contract your pupils when you look at it, which would make everything harder to read.

      1. well… Im not talking about turning the lights off in my bedroom and jamming on a PUSH controller. What about being on stage.. and strobes going off.. or club lighting system… Trust me your pupils will already be dialating.. and make it even hard to read.. Amber is in the spectrum which is seen way before red ever will

  3. I just recently purchased one and its the fucking bomb.
    The editing functions for arrangements can be hard to work out at first but its by far the most well integrated controller on the market.
    Anyone whinging obviously doesn’t own one.

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