Rob Papen Intros Free Virtual Instrument Host For Mac


Rob Papen has introduced RP-Dock – a free standalone host for Mac for any of Papen’s instrument and effects plugins.

RP-Dock is intended to be a tool for playing live or in the studio, when you want to play with synthesizers and effects but don’t need a full DAW. 


  • Tempo setting
  • Audio recording/playback facility.
  • The audio setting for sample rate can be selected from 44.1Khz up to 96Khz(depending on your soundcard/device).
  • Midi input offers merging of all connected Midi controllers and also included is an optional midi channel selector.
  • RP-Dock will host all current RP products and is completely free!

Currently only a Mac version is available, a PC version is planned.

It’s a free download via Papen’s site.

4 thoughts on “Rob Papen Intros Free Virtual Instrument Host For Mac

  1. Should improve the concept by adding 2 or 3 effects plugins on top of the synthesizer plugin. Just like a single voice console.

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