Waldorf Rocket Control For iPad

waldorf-rocket-controlWaldorf has introduced Rocket Control for iPad – a free “assistant app” for users of the new Rocket synthesizer.


  • Rocket control is an assistant app for the Waldorf Rocket hardware synthesizer.
  • Manage your patches
  • Play Rocket with the virtual keyboard
  • See your edits onscreen
  • Edit directly on your iPad.

It’s not clear from the app description how Rocket Control expands on the capabilities of the hardware Rocket – especially since users of a synth module will have existing hardware and software for playing the synth.

It’s a free download from the App Store, though, so, if you’re a Rocket owner, check this out and let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “Waldorf Rocket Control For iPad

  1. Hi,

    Rocket Control is an synth editor for the Waldorf Rocket. It allows you to edit and/or save your patches or drive the Rocket connected to your iPad (via CCK, WiFi MIDI or a CoreMIDI compatible device)

    1. I just saw today that MonstrumMedia have a more sophisticated editor for the Rocket and are releasing one for the Blofeld in October . Why doesn’t Waldorf do this themselves for their synths.

  2. Most significant is the ” send cc s ” function that allows this editor to know the state of the device , as it could presumably communicate with other feedback reading controllers/editors also ?

    So yes please to this function added to Blofeld , along with Waldorf Ipad editor , …

    but could this midi function be implemented by more manufacturers to allow controllers /editors to update CC values without needing sysex ?

  3. Hi guys… I made a MacOS app , first for my personal use, but since it works very well, I make it public…
    It’s downloadable on moosefactory.eu
    I already works on the next version.
    Cheers 😉

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