17 thoughts on “Novation Bass Station 2 First Look

  1. 380 euro ,this is the winner of 2013.
    First wait to hear some more sounds from it.
    But if the analog stuff sounds great this is a no brainer.

    1. “380 euro ,this is the winner of 2013.”

      Oh yes! This is best news for many many years, real analogue with bargain price.. wait, Korg WTF?!

  2. looks to be a major step up from the previous incarnations; i am a bit surprised at the lack of control voltage i/o of any kind. i am looking forward to seeing and hearing a demo including the step sequencing features, i am very curious if it is similar at all to sh101’s sequencing method.

    1. i have the super bass station and that has cv connections.

      i would be interested if i didn’t have the super bass, if that filter tops mine for 303 emulation then that should be as close as you can get to the real thing i would imagine.

      its a tough market for kind of synth, but on features only the mopho can touch it, but for sound we will have wait and see, the bass station did a good 303 emulation but if your looking for bottom end it might not get close to moog or even the mopho.

      never the less i hope it does well coz novation are always producing good gear for a decent price.

  3. I wonder if the knobs send/receive CC… On the original BassStation keyboard I recall the “stepping” of the knobs was a real bummer which for me, sort of took away some of the “magic” of classic analog synths, where turning knobs and sliders in microscopical almost imperceptible amounts produced audible and unique results..

    In any event, it’s raining new affordable analogs left and right up in this bitch, and that’s awesome! 🙂

  4. Wow I’m consistently surprised with how much these “sneak peaks” are really just two guys talking shop. At least this one has the hardware in view instead of on the table behind some guy flapping his meat.

    We want knobs turning and speakers shaking

    1. It’s a bit early to say, but if you’re undecided I’d say wait for the Bass Station to come out. Minitaur offers lovely fat bass (and a lot more), but the BS2 is way more synth.

      A sub oscillator, control over pulse width, 2 LFOs, a multimode filter with variable slope and switchable character, 2 kinds of distortion, a choice of modulation routing, patch emmories, extensive MIDI control, and a hybrid arpeggiator/step sequencer…that’s a LOT of features. Oh, and let’s throw in a keyboard and pitch/mod wheels..and it’s $100 less than the Minitaur 🙂

      You owe it to yourself to try both. It might be that you just love the Minitaur sound, and one of the nice things about it is that it’s so easy to get a great sound with minimal tweaking. But then there’s lots to love about the Bass Station sound (check demos of the original on youtube, or try to play with one for a while), and figure the new one is quite a bit more powerful. It looks to be one of the most versatile synths out there, certainly at this price.

  5. Fact is: i got my Super Bass Station rack for 150 euros, and it doesn’t sound much different… I’ll buy this when the other one finally breaks down.

  6. Partypooper here. Sorry.

    I didn’t like any of the sounds this far.

    I am still excited of cheap analogs though, but I’m ready for more expensive analogs.

  7. Speaking as a longtime DrumStation and BassStation Rack owner, I am intrigued by this announcement, though I’m surprised that they left CV control out of the picture, especially considering its primary competition, the Arturia Brute, offers it as did the original BassStations. I also don’t buy the cost cutting explanation given for its absence. I’m also suspicious that the front panel knobs are stepped encoders instead of pots (notice how the values are displayed on the LED display).

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