The Beardytron 5000 mkII ‘This Has Never Been Possible Before’

Looping artist Beardyman has been on the lookout for the ultimate live music production setup. He couldn’t find it, so he created the Beardytron 5000 mkII.

The video includes discussion from the developers that implemented the Beardytron 5000 mkII, along with performance demos from Beardyman.

Here’s what he has to say about the Beardytron 5000 mkII:

beardytron-5000-mkiiThis new system is immensely complicated, but it has to be. What i now have at my disposal is the most complex and fully featured live-production system ever devised. I can start from nothing and get a fully formed track in as long as it takes to imagine it. Real-time music production. This has never been possible before.

My old set-up was never suited to task, but i got pretty good at using it live and working around its many flaws… Now however, i can design my way out of any problem i see.

This has seen a team of 4 developers pushed to their limits to achieve my dream of being able to drag musical ideas out of my head and into the real world at the speed at which they occur to me.

It’ll never be truly finished, because it’s potential is limited only be my imagination and ability to fund it’s development. But know this… Every time i test a new feature it fires off a thousand new ideas… Basically what i have here is a platform for innovation. At some point i will commercialise the hard work that has been done on the system, but there is no date set for software releases yet or any idea what kind of form any resulting products would take. Still, i feel it is now time to share the fruits of my labours with the world, and i invite u to join me on my ongoing journey into the unknown, to see what lies behind the great mirror, to sample the fruits of the fun-fun shrub, bathe in the cramnumbulant majesty of its myriad splendours. Be… Feel…. Die.

29 thoughts on “The Beardytron 5000 mkII ‘This Has Never Been Possible Before’

  1. Beardyman is a bad ass. The faces he makes are very funny, plus you got to like a guy that doesn’t take himself to seriously. I wish he would play more in the US.

  2. That is exactly the generic type of notion that would apply to him. If what you think there is any lack in the number of folks not taking themselves to seriously in music then you’re not paying enough attention. There is enough of that already especially in electronic music, but this stuff is the kind of funk that is not funky, the kind of soul that is not soulful, the kind of rock that does not rock, and the kind of groove that has no groove. The icing on the cake is ridiculous rasta voice he does. If that Luke warm I don’t take myself seriously because that’s my technic to get by musically and get girls attitude is what you look for in music then that’s fine, but I think it leaves allot to be desired. He’s really great for holidays though cause he’s such a ham.

  3. I’m talking about music and musical performance, please erase the ham comment if that’s too much, I think it’s a valid musical discussion, this type of not take yourself serious artist,

    1. Dscussions about music and gear is welcome.

      Name-calling and criticizing people’s appearances fall into the category of personal attacks, which are deleted.

  4. I’ve watched this entire video twice and still can’t tell if its a late April fools day joke or an actual product.
    Very cool performance and neat sounds but is there actually an app? Sugarbytes worked on this? Sounds promising if true! (The Phil Colins/Elton john bit was hilarious too)

  5. the whole live looping into a microphone is not only sweet but something I need to try. Though I couldn’t really watch the entire video, because what I gathered is his groundbreaking device is 3 ipads. Besides that, the music he produces doesn’t sound all that serious or welll done, I know hes going for the whole campy thing, but IDK if i’m really digging it(though it may be my taste in music)
    Still, talented performance, don’t see a product. Though I do feel his “i’m coming up on my fourth pill i’m going to play house” comment was kind of in poor taste

  6. Something mentioned about A.I. where the music takes on a life of it’s own caught my interest, but nothing like that demonstrated in the video. No screenshots… Seemed like I was watching the interview footage from District 9 and was waiting for the guy on stage to sprout some antennae and prawn features…

  7. The first time I hear about this guy… wow! what a performance! Amazing… and the software is really cool too. What a bunch of freaks!! The world needs more people like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. a 19 minute video with nothing of the actual product in it?

    this is just a self promotional video for this guy. there is no actual product. you all just got trolled.

  9. Forging new territory, using samplers to really commune with the ones own voice.
    Take notice, a metaphysical instrument has landed.

  10. 2 things ruin it completely.
    1. the words he speaks/sings
    2. the audience

    Sounds fine. Would be better if i didn’t understand english and was blind. I am not a drunk college kid though, so…

  11. Wow….swearing. And more swearing with an absence of talent and originality. I turned off after a short time because there was nothing at all good about this self absorbed person. I found him 100% annoying. Jarre was doing far more origanal things than this live over 3 years ago.

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