Softube Intros Console 1 Hardware + Software Music Mixing Solution


Musikmesse 2013: Softube has introduced Console 1, a new integrated hardware/software music mixing solution.

Softube Console 1 is an integrated hardware/software music mixing solution which includes a rugged hardware controller and a modeled analog console channel with some unique additions. According to Softube, you can use the system with any major DAW and ‘enjoy the biggest advantages from digital and analog mixing environments—plus a few new ones’.


  • Integrated hardware/software music mixing solution
  • ‘World-class’ analog channel simulation
  • Softube’s new modeled analog mixer is included, UK 4k for Console 1
  • Hands-on control and intuitive workflow
  • Use with any DAW
  • Four-band equalizer, compressor, emulated analog console saturation and unique Dynamic Shaper
  • Built-in sidechain and parallel compression with all Softube compressors
  • Customize the channel by adding any Softube plug-in

Pricing and availability are to be announced for Console 1, but it will initially be available for Mac OS X and is expected to be released later this year.

7 thoughts on “Softube Intros Console 1 Hardware + Software Music Mixing Solution

    1. Henrik from Softube here – sorry about the late reply to this! Let me clear up a few things.

      “How many instances can your computer run?”
      Well, of course that depends on your computer. But all Softube’s plug-ins are known for being surprisingly CPU friendly and the UK 4k channel strip is no exception. So if you can run a full mix natively using the plug-ins you have today, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do the same using Console 1.

      Also, when you initiate the Console 1 plug-in on a channel, all the effects sections of the channel strip are turned off by default. In this state, the CPU strain is barely measurable – but the channel will still show up on the Console 1 meter bridge, and you still get Input and Output Volume, Pan, Solo and Mute. This is why we’re at ease recommending that you make it a habit to insert Console 1 on all your channels.

      “You can use 20 channels”
      Wrong – you can use as many channels as your computer can handle. But you see 20 channels at the time in the meter bridge. Next to the 20 channel selector buttons on the hardware are the Page Up/Down buttons, that let you skip to the next banks of 20 channels. So even if you’re one of those that end up with 100+ tracks in your mix sessions, you get quick access to all your channels using Console 1.

      “Looks like an expensive MIDI controller to me”
      Console 1 is more like a mixer that you use together with your DAW, so it’s way more useful than just a channel strip and a MIDI controller. All your channels (well, all the channels you want to) show up in the Console 1 system which gives you direct access to their settings directly from the hardware. Once you have set up your channels and sends, you really can complete an entire mix using Console 1 and without touching the computer mouse.

      And of course, the included UK 4k channel strip has the same world class sound quality that has made Softube famous in the first place. It’s not only an extremely exact model of a very classic British console’s equalizer, compressor and gate, you also get a transient shaper and Drive – our model of analog saturation. Compared to Softube’s current plug-ins, if the UK 4k was sold as a separate plug-in, it would probably be in the €400-500 range just by itself.

      Hope this clears things up!

      All the best,

  1. Are these endless encoders?
    Looks like an expensive midi controller to me 🙂
    Stupid that you need the controller with the software 🙂

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