Beat Twirl ‘Beat Slicer’ Updated

audiotwirlTiv Studio has updated Beat Twirl – a beat slicer app for iOS – to version 3.0.

Here’s what’s new in Beat Twirl 3.0:

  • New slice envelope view.
  • New slice effects
    • reverse
    • pan
    • amplify
  • Audiobus input and output support
  • Many fixes.


  • Import audio from your ipod library, using iTunes file sharing or using audio copy/paste from supporting applications.
  • Record using an external mic or the built in mic.
  • Universal app. UI designed iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Supports retina displays.
  • Two spectrum based note onset detection algorithms.
  • Manual slicing capabilities on top of the automated algorithm.
  • Mix in percussion beats from a library of 300 samples.
  • Export audio as wav, caf or aac. Export using audio copy, iTunes files sharing or email.
  • Audiobus input/output support.

Beat Twirl is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Beat Twirl, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Beat Twirl ‘Beat Slicer’ Updated

  1. I don’t get how $9.99 would be justified for a slicer that cannot even be controlled by Core Midi, nor could I rearrange slices in-app, nor quantize or move them in fine steps.
    What would I use Audiobus for if it cannot sync to CoreMidi?
    Not to speak about lack of any REX/RX2 file support.
    Considering that for abother $10, I’d get an incomparably better iPad DAW which is also capable of slicing (BM2), I’d suggest getting the alternative.
    Or, although I’m not a Steinberg fan, LoopMash/iPad will likely spark your creativity much better.
    Steinberg offer it for $2.99 on iTunes from time to time.

  2. This is actually a really useful app. Finds loop splice points quickly then determines the tempo when you tell it how many bars the loop is. You can timestretch to fit the tempo of your project or do that in another app. Best loop sample creator I’ve used, way quicker and less fiddly that IMPC pro or beatmaker2 which is just the worst user experience.

    My main gripe is not being able to record from IAA or audiobus. The potential of using this in harmony with launchpad for creating live versions of cubasis apps for example would be a dream come true.

    Why is there still not an app that can do all this in one!!?

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