System1000M – A Modular System For Kontakt

Synth Magic & Tronsonic have released System1000M, a modular synthesizer for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

System 1000m for Kontakt 5 – All the fun of a modular synthesiser for your Kontakt sampler. Easily create amazing modular synth sounds, thick basses, screaming leads, strange and bizzarre alien landscapes of sound. Designed for Kontakt 5 to use the new filters K5 has to offer and the larger user interface which allowed us to cram all this synth into Kontakt.

Lots and lots of great presets to get you started on your sonic journey through a modular system – Be warned, you will be tweeking and delving into this synth in no time – really easy to use and has been well thought out and designed to be easy to use, despite it’s large range of controls.

If you have ever wanted to experiment with a modular system or even if you have modulars of your own, system 1000m will provide you with lots of fun and great musical experiments and is really easy to get to grips with.

 System1000m is currently available for £14.99 (25% off).

12 thoughts on “System1000M – A Modular System For Kontakt

  1. Some real fucking weirdos made that promo vid…my kind of people!

    LOVED it, funny as all hell and it definitely piked my interest… which is exactly what a promo is supposed to do 😉

  2. What is this instrument an emulation of? I know it’s a modular system and possibly from Japan. But is it a Roland, or what other make?thanks! Fantastic sounding. I bought it by the way 🙂

    1. It’s our interpretation of a system 100m. There’ll be more waveforms coming soon for it – some that will be several stacked together – another set will be a custom ‘baxandale’ passive filtered batch – heavy heavy bass and sizzly top end – kind of makes it sound a lot more modern. Could be some esotetic stuff too – like signal generators piped through the sys100…we’ll see:)

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