19 thoughts on “Depeche Mode – Broken (Live In The Studio)

    • Sorry about that – this video is only available from one source, which explains the autoplay and compatibility issues.

      If the video becomes available via YouTube or Vimeo, we can update the embed to avoid these issues.

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  1. Amazingly good. The new material is excellent, if you can try the freemasons mix of Heaven or the Ralphi Rosario and Jody den Broeder Club Mix of Perfect.

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  2. Didn’t sound broken. Sounded great!! Playing live though, the video does add to the fact that this is a really good song. If I don’t hype the fact that these guys made Black Celebration, Violator, and Songs of Faith…, I can more enjoy and realize that Delta Machine is a very good album. Probably the album they should’ve made after SOFAD.

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  3. Looks like the video doesn’t work on mobile.

    They are probably using Flash, and not supporting HTML 5.

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  4. Surprisingly, it played for me fine in Safari 4.13 although the video dragged a little bit which could be my old processor.

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