XILS-lab Launches Oxium 1.5

XILS-OxiumMusic software company XILS-lab has announced the availability Oxium 1.5, an Avid Pro Tools 11 AAX format-ready major update to its popular performance soft synth plug-in.

The Oxium 1.5 update includes a GUI makeover, with ergonomic enhancements like a redesigned Double Filter Block (that is easier to locate and identify), relocated KEYB/FX/INFO toggle buttons (to the right of the keyboard), and a third skin.

More than 10 new modulation targets have been implemented in Oxium 1.5, including both mixers’ global levels, as well as all oscillator levels and noise source levels in each of those mixers. Additionally, each Mask now has its own elementary envelope, elements of which have also been added as modulation targets, to allow the creation of sequence stylings when modulating those parameters in real time with the mod wheel or with other hardware controllers. The Modulation Matrix and Musical Gestures Modulation pages now encompass 59 modulation targets between them.

Mask functionality has been improved, thanks to MultiSelection and MultiEdition selection options of continuous or discontinuous Masks for speedy simultaneous editing.

Oxium 1.5 also comes with over 50 new presets.

Oxium 1.5 Pricing and Availability

Oxium 1.5 is free to all current Oxium users, and, until May 10, 2013, is available for purchase from XILS-lab for an introductory rate of 89.00 EU (with up to 700 additional presets).  After May 10, Oxium 1.5 will retail for 99.00 EU.

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