SineVibes Intros Intertia Envelope Sequencer, Cluster Animated Filter


SineVibes has introduced a pair of new audio effects for Mac OS X:

  • Cluster animated filter lets you apply ‘intricate spectral transformations, re-engineer drum and percussion loops and create colourful motion textures virtually out of anything’. Cluster smoothly cycles through a filter matrix with up to 32 steps, which includes low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject modes per each step. With the filter slope adjustable from soft -12 to extra-steep -48 dB/octave, the variety of different effects you can achieve is immense.
  • Intertia envelope sequencer lets you ‘dd rhythmic motion to any instrument.’ Inertia runs a sequence of up to 32 envelopes, each with one of 8 different shapes.

See the SineVibes site for details and audio demos.

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