11 thoughts on “Depeche Mode – Goodbye (Live Studio Session)

  1. Dear God, this is dire.

    Same thing happened with U2 at one point, they thought they were an American rock band.

    Wont be buying this album, i’ll never listen to it.

  2. IMO this rehearsal videos are much more interesting that what they are doing live, pretending to be a rock band. Fuck real drums.

    1. They’ve had a real drummer since Alan Wilder on the Songs of Faith and Devotion tour. I like their current live drummer Christian a lot.

      1. I’ve no problem with the real drums. SOFAD may be my favorite of their post Black Celebration albums.

        But this, is dire. You can’t even remember it after its finished. Derivative, rehashed bluegrass with an 808 beat. Game over.

  3. Needs more Cowbell.

    No Seriously, waiting until after 2:00 minute mark to drop a beat on me is killing the momentum. Maybe after they hand these raw-sounding tracks over to an expert engineer/mixer who also has some drum samples in Pro Tools, this song might have potential.

  4. Hasn’t Dave been living in New York and Martin in Santa Barbara for some time now? And they haven’t been synthpop since Violator.

    1. Who said anything about Synthpop? They havn’t been Synthpop since 1982.

      They do however claim to be an electronic band. But this is just rehashed bluegrass with an 808 and the odd drone.

      Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

  5. Not my favorite from the album. I prefer them on the “machine” side much more than (Mississippi) “delta”

  6. I tend to agree. This is not music for the masses. I liked Heaven, but the rest is personally a big let down for me.

  7. Go see the concert. The new album is great live. I just saw them twice in London, UK. This is just the studio version… Sounds very differently live – somehow reminds of Violator. I hate “classic” bands with drummers, but Christian Eigner does not make them sound like a rock band on stage. He is a human drum machine ;-). Go see for yourselves…

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