8 thoughts on “Infinite Sinewave – Nothing Wasted

    1. Yes… it is a live performance…. but as was stated… the drums are sequenced. I’m working on a new original song with 4 Quneos and preparing for live performances. I want to mix my stuff with electro house music & deep house but I’m not quite sure what genre my music falls under. Gotta get a laptop.

  1. It looked like the bass and lead parts were being played live (as well as a short drum break), and the singing might have been live as well, but the rest (percussion, background) appeared to be sequenced.

    Nonetheless it is a nice video and song (also not too long), and I want a QuNeo!

  2. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the tune, I very much admired the performance and use of the technology; Excellent work.
    Also I’m jealous that I can’t move my fingers anywhere nearly as quickly as that.

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