Rheyne Live Looping Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s another live looping synth jam via Rheyne, Live Jam #77.

Rheyne combines live looping with analog keyboards, USB controllers, iOS devices, and Ableton Live. All loops were recorded live, nothing was pre-recorded.

Tecnical details below:


  • DJ TechTools MID Fighter 3D
  • iPad running Lemur, wirelessly controlling Ableton Live
  • iPad running Sunrizer
  • Oxygen25 controlling NI’s Kontakt for piano
  • Oxygen25 controlling Sunrizer via an iConnectMIDI
  • KMI QuNeo controlling NI’s Kontakt for drums
  • DSI MoPho Keyboard
  • Akai APC20
  • Novation Launchpad
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Fender Rhodes with an MXR Wylde Overdrive
  • PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a MacBook Pro running Ableton Live


  • 3x Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED
  • American DJ Mega 50 RGB
  • American DJ H2O LED

9 thoughts on “Rheyne Live Looping Jam

  1. i give this guy credit for what he does,but his music sounds to yani-ish or something that was made in the 90’s.i think he needs to find a better sound.too many pads..

  2. I give this guy credit for what he does. Period. What is “too-” anything or “better” from a general perspective? This artists’ creative and technical skills are self evident and remarkable. It may not fit my tastes but that’s not the point in a forum that weighs heavily on the “how”.

  3. Nice jam and good use of gear. What really amazes me though, is how these people can afford that gear. It would take me over a year to save up for just one piece! What I’d like to see on Synthtopia is a catagory of “best synth jam with least amount of gear”. I might even submit something myself. LOL.

  4. This guy is brilliant and he is doing something innovative. He is Live playing everything which is much more impressive and fun to watch then people just pushing play. He is also combining Analog and iOS instruments as well as Lemur for iPAD to transition. To the person that said he sounds like Yanni. He sounds NOTHING like Yanni. He is showing you can play an instrument with pride and create something very enjoyable. Maybe this is the start of better music because the SHITE that is put out these days is just garbage comparatively.

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