15 thoughts on “Vince Clarke Meets The Arturia MiniBrute

  1. Have two minibrutes myself…could’nt be happier with them…great addition to my Analog setup in my studio……

    Love Vince Clarke’s works and Erasure!~

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  2. First, Vince Clarke is my hero, I absolutely love his work: Depeche Mode, Yaz (oo), Erasure, etc All of it. I’ve seem him perform and met him and his humble ways only serve to magnify my admiration.

    I was very happy to see (in a tour of his new Brooklyn studio) both the Minibrute and the yellow Mopho from DSI. I like knowing he mixes the new with the old, though I’d expect nothing less.

    I’m even happier to see him talk about the Minibrute. I just played on one for the first time myself two weeks ago at Guitar Center and I was very impressed with it. It’s a great little synth, IMO.

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  3. what a great video and what a great guy. amazing sense of humour.

    would love to have a sit down in his studio and just talk synths.

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  4. I have had my MiniBrute for about two months and couldn’t be happier. I love seeing these demos and Artist spotlights. I like hearing new sounds that I’ve yet to make on my MB.

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  5. So very clearly a compensated endorsement. :) Never once does Vince give anything positive about this one oscillator synth – only his spot-on humor. Then again why should he when you look over his shoulder and get a glimpse of what’s on hold during this bit?

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  6. Arturia kicked me in the nuts with the release date of the minibrute.
    Now I give my money on novation or korg.

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    • I’m glad that Arturia released the Minibrute when it was ready, rather than to meet an arbitrary deadline. Having the hardware fail or finding an instrument unusable because of buggy software *after* you’ve spent $500 is a kick in the nuts.

      Having to wait for the release of an instrument that was announced a bit early is simply a minor inconvenience.

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  7. Were the subtitles for Americans who have trouble understanding properly-spoken English?

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  8. Vince Clarke is so awesome I sat through the entire advertisement for the Minibrute.

    It’s some kind of meta-irony where he was (presumably) making fun of his (presumably) paid endorsement for the product the whole time which somehow made it impossible to stop watching, but I also liked his more serious-ish commentary and the content of him playing with the synth(s) – it’s crazy watching him just mess with stuff, like some kind of spontaneous chemical reaction that creates music and sound.

    Of course, I doubt he would endorse crap. The Minibrute is a nice, real, synth. As is the CZ-101. 😉

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    • You know, that gives me an idea: Running the CZ-101 in mono mode through a Steiner filter to get the best of both worlds.

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  9. Oh yeah, and an erasure Christmas album – I don’t know whether it will be overplayed everywhere like Mannheim Steamroller, but when it comes out I intend to do my part and overplay it as much as possible.

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