MacBeth Nexus + Korg SQ-10 Sequencer

Here’s another sneak preview of the MacBeth Nexus synthesizer, from creator Ken MacBeth. 

Here’s what he has to say about the video demo:

When I’m testing gear that I’m designing- it’s quite exciting!….sometime I have to record/vid. Here is three of the NEXUS (prototype) being driven by a Korg SQ-10 sequencer- the fourth osc is cross modding the higher pitched square wave osc. It’s great fun running a three track analogue sequencer into this thing!

Spacey effects are as usual with this device- the Dual Tape Delay Simulators- no other effects! Today- on screen- I basically finished the synthesizer.

I’m looking forward to submitting the data to manufacture next week…!

via macbethsynthesizers:


10 thoughts on “MacBeth Nexus + Korg SQ-10 Sequencer

  1. sounds great , kinda wish there were standard keys or mini keys on this guys but well done.

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  2. I’m always so excited about Macbeth synths. The filtered sound is freakin awesome, I can’t wait until I can afford it or get a credit card 😀

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  3. Looking really interresting. But I am still wondering if those two circuit bords with pots on are to be part of this of just extra fxs.

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  4. keyboard players are not going to like the keyboard… why wasn’t the Wasp a huge seller?

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  5. Keyboard players who don’t like this amazing keyboard will use it as an expander. They’re sure to have a few midi “classic” keyboards hanging around.

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  6. Touch capacitance synthesizers are the future of music and encompass everything from iPad’s, iPhone’s, ribbon controllers, synthesizers, and other touchscreen capable devices. The MacBeth Nexus synthesizer is a great addition to a long line of innovative musical instruments such as the Buchla Music Easel, Haken Continuum, Minimoog Voyager XL, Ondes Martenot, Seaboard Grand, Wasp Synthesizer, and the Yamaha CS-80.

    This is a horrible demonstration of an instrument of this caliber a nearly 8 minute chiptune arpeggiated musical piece that shows nothing of the range or extensive capabilities of a truly innovative musical instrument. Given the price of £2500 and the quality build of the synthesizer, you would expect more. This video demonstration is self-indulgent and is rather arrogant in that it explains virtually nothing to potential prospective buyers of the instrument.

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