Mobile Music Sequencer Updated With AudioBus & More

yamaha-mobile-music-sequencerYamaha has updated Mobile Music Sequencer – its streamlined sequencing app for iOS.

Key features of the update include iPhone and iPod touch support, AudioBus compatibility, iCloud integration and more.

Here’s what’s new in Mobile Music Sequencer 2.0:

  • iPhone and iPod touch support
  • Audiobus support (input only)
  • Support for iCloud uploads of user songs and user phrases
  • You can access a user song on another device using the same Apple ID. User phrases are automatically uploaded.
  • You can continue working on a song created on the iPhone, by editing on an iPad.
    • You first need to enable “”Documents & Data”” in the iCloud settings for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Support for inversions and syncopation in Section Edit (including settings for 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplets), and Chord Shift function
  • Two loop remix functions can now be set for one phrase
  • Support for reordering, inserting, and deleting sections
  • Support for changing the ordering of parts
  • Tempo Delay L and R added to the effect variations
  • In the Piano Roll display, support for selecting Velocity, Pitch Bend, and Control Change data, and Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete operations
  • Improved resolution for the pitch bend function
  • Added Sync function to Mixdown (start recording triggered by playback start)
  • Added file export support for MX49/MX61 devices
  • Plus other features and improved functionality

Note: To ensure smooth operation, iPhone 4S or higher or iPod Touch 5th Generation or higher is recommended.

Mobile Music Sequencer is available for US $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Mobile Music Sequencer, let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “Mobile Music Sequencer Updated With AudioBus & More

    1. that was a bit of misinformation, sorry! somehow my app store got switched to US mode, which conflicted with my UK account. I have no idea how that happened. I had to sign out and back in and I could buy it 🙂

  1. Nice! This is looking to be a great sequencer.

    Note to Yamaha: now that I know you do audio bus, I’m going to wait until you add it to TNR-i, until I buy this! :p

  2. Anybody knows if this app has the tempo track (tempo change in the same song)?
    Can’t find any iOS sequencer that has this basic feature.

    1. I have this app and can’t see a way of doing that. Tempo is a project-wide setting under a separate menu. Of course, I could totally be missing something, but I can’t think of any way to insert a tempo change into the song.

      1. Thanks for that.
        It’s really frustrating to realize that none of the iOS sequencers have such a basic feature like the tempo change.

  3. My god son even we don’t have the basic feature of tempo change in our flagship sequencer the Maschine, who do you think we are quicken loans? Lol

  4. This is very sad and frustrating that it is only available in US store and not Europe and rest of world, what ki d of cheap strategy and discriminative is this., seriously Yamaha?????

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