The Standuino Pi – A ‘Mysterious Drone Synth


The Standuino Pi is a ‘mysterious drone synth’, available in a limited edition of 50 units.


  • several oscillators, wavetables and synthesis types
  • settings accessed by randomizers
  • 4 presets
  • patchable clock sequencer
  • internal clock or MIDI clock divider
  • MIDI input

Here’s a video preview:

PI is released to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Standuino.

The Standuino Pi is available for 160.00 Euro.

15 thoughts on “The Standuino Pi – A ‘Mysterious Drone Synth

  1. Was really not expecting to like anything wrapped in a pretentious felt casing. Yet another toy I couldn’t possibly need.

    Well need or not I love every millisecond of sound it makes! Definitely not buying a kit though. Nor am I paying that price.

  2. The site seems to offer kits for some of their other projects. But judging by its name, I’m thinking that its something based on the Arduino, maybe they will make the software available to anyone already working with that environment.

  3. I really wish I had the “throwaway” money to buy a whole box full of all these tiny micro and mini synths, everything from the all Standuino kits, the MeeBlip, the Blackdeath noise module, the Mutable Instruments catalog, etc, etc, and set out on creating an album with these tools alone.

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