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skinny-puppyA new album is on the way from Skinny Puppy, Weapon.

“With the theme of a full circle return to our electronic roots and equipment, everything seemed right, and like the buzz of something new it brought us back,” Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key told Rolling Stone.

A new track from the Skinny Puppy album, saLvo, is available as a free download at the Rolling Stone site. You can preview it below:

17 thoughts on “New Music From Skinny Puppy – Download For Free

  1. FINALLY. Newer SP was certainly decent, but it sounded too much like Ogre’s solo releases. A return to “old school” SP is very welcome and I’m sure will please the majority of fans.

  2. Nice to see you guys feature this. This is probably the best Puppy album since Last Right. I’ve heard the entire record and it’s just awesome. I haven’t been a big fan of the last few records, there’s a few tracks I like, but as whole I found them to be too EBM influenced. This album is a bit more back to basics, to my ears it’s got a Bites/Remission sound with just enough of a modern Skinny Puppy flavor. I hope this album turns more electronic music lovers onto them. Skinny Puppy’s influence on electronic music cannot be overstated but they seem to often be overlooked and labeled as goth or something. Too Dark Park and Last Rights will forever be my favorites for the chaotic sound dystopia they create but Weapon sounds like beautiful classic Skinny Puppy.

      1. I actually really like The Process now and think it’s their most underrated album. When it came out it was hard to swallow for me because I was obsessed with Last Rights synth destruction and the Process was a totally different direction. I’ll take the Process over the last three studio albums any day but I think Weapon definitely tops The Process. There were no guitars that I recall, except maybe the odd processed guitar sample here and there but I definitely don’t recall and guitar riff based tracks.

    1. “A bit”… a lot. Sounds like a shallow and very obvious copy. At least that makes it easy to compare it to the original’s energy and passion. SP obviously feel much too comfortable these days. The anger that drove them is gone. And maybe the drugs.

      1. Actually sounds a lot more like Far to Frail but who cares. Remission had a consistent vibe through the entire record. Also, you may want to listen to the entire stream before deciding. You’re right about the drugs, maybe the anger too but I believe they are still producing great music, especially with Weapon. Also, Cevin Key never stopped, I would consider Music for Cats to be one of the best electronic albums in the past 20 years and there’s yet be a Download album I dislike. Ohgr’s last records was amazing and tragically overlooked by most of the electronic music community. I don’t know, just because it doesn’t sound like it did doesn’t mean the intentions aren’t the same.

        1. Haven’t heard any solo albums, but I have the impression that every SP record sounds more poppy and relaxed than the one before. I liked the comeback one with Schirach, Handover was partly wanting me buy it, then came the acoustic guitars. But at least there was no cloning. Doing a track very reminiscent of an old hit (but in a weaker, mainstream way) and putting it on Rolling Stone (!) looks too much like marketing to me. I really don’t understand how old fans can accept this as equal.

  3. I have FOREVER been waiting for the next Too Dark Park from the boys.. But I’ll take Bites and Remissions any day… this is promising!

  4. Can’t wait for the new album. Skinny Puppy is really one of the few projects where I can listen to one album over and over and over again – and even after the tenth time, I will still discover some details, that I didn’t notice before. Their music is pure inspiration in terms of (weird) sound design and imagination 🙂

  5. I love everything that Skinny Puppy has ever done. While it’s cool to hear them return to their beginnings, I have enjoyed the evolution of their sound over time. If you want to hear a band who makes the exact same record over and over again, go listen to AC/DC. SP are innovators and have forever existed and created upon the outermost edge of the ever-expanding electronic music/sound manipulation universe.

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