7 thoughts on “The Roland Juno-6 VCF

  1. Marc – you are a wealth of knowledge. There is nothing like the sound of a well crafted patch on an analog synth and I’ll take a Roland analog any day.

    Of course learning to craft a quality patch on an analog synth is tougher than loading pre-sets into a VSTi so I guess that it might be boring for some.

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  2. My only criticism of this vid is that he didn’t show how you can make more “digital” or”additive” type sounds using the tuned filter resonance and keyboard following. That’s one trick I use a lot to get a broader range of sounds. Still, great stuff here

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  3. I bought my Juno 6 when it first came out(so long ago!), and still have it in pristine working order. I used it as my main keyboard for several years.

    The filter is its strongpoint, and does a great job of beefing up the otherwise slightly thin DCO.

    It is a deceptive synth, looking quite simple, but with careful tweaking, capable of a wide range of sounds. The filter really helps here, with the slightest nudge changing a few harmonics making all the difference.

    I’m lucky enough to have the range of Viruses, Waldorfs, and Novations (and a host of soft-synths), but the Juno still makes it onto my recordings.

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