‘Dirty And Hot’ Synths, Loom & Vacuum Pro, Now Available


AIR Music Technology has expanded their virtual instrument offerings with Vacuum Pro Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer and Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer:

  • Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic ‘analog tube’ synthesizer.
  • Loom is a new modular additive synthesizer.

Here are the details. 


Vacuum Pro Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer

The ‘vacuum’ part of the name Vacuum Pro relates to the six tube circuits that lend a particularly ‘analog’ flavor to each of the main synthesis modules—oscillators, filters, mixer, etc. Vacuum Pro is designed to provide a modern, idealized vision of the versatility and potential of analog synthesis, rather than attempting to isolate and recreate just one particular moment from history.

“Vacuum Pro is the dirtiest, hottest, and most revolutionary soft synth we’ve ever created.” says Mario Reinsch, Senior Engineer at AIR. “We designed Vacuum Pro to sound like the analog synth we always wanted; it isn’t a copy or reproduction of a known, classic analog synth; you’re getting something that is truly unique and wonderful.”

Here’s a video intro to Vacuum Pro:

Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer

loom-synthesizerLoom is designed to provide a vast array of unique sounds, while providing total control over every aspect of the instrument. Sound creation begins with 30 sound modules, each with a distinct function—moving filter, octaver, repeater, second tone, etc.

These modules can be freely combined in up to 10 cells. Spectral modulation, extensive envelope shaping, and multiple LFOs deliver deep control.

Here’s an overview of Loom:

Vacuum Pro and Loom will be available first in the VST and AU 64-bit formats, plus the RTAS 32-bit format. An AAX update is coming soon. Both are priced at US $199.99. See the Air site for details.

9 thoughts on “‘Dirty And Hot’ Synths, Loom & Vacuum Pro, Now Available

  1. I was expecting to watch theses vids enviously, what with my low budget soft synth collection. For something supposedly dirty and hot I may as well have been dead from the waist down.

  2. I still dont see the point in emulating analogue. But ok. Vacuum sound nice, but nothing I cant get with other synths I have in my arsenal.
    Loom looked a more interesting. But no demo?? Piratebay next then.

  3. About halfway through the Vacuum Pro demo, I finally heard the sort of muscle I expected from the text. While almost every synth comes with an electro-trance-dub yawner of a demo, I heard a bit of inspiration in it that could be great for everything ELSE as well. People holler too stridently for “new” designs when a synth is just a synth unless you master it. Putting a modeled tube at several points in the chain clearly adds some good Ruff to the sound. Its not a wild leap ahead, but its still creditable, especially if you’re looking for that gritty tube coloring not readily found in after-the-fact effects plugs. The design is solid, even before you crank up the tubes. I think it deserves the nod for what it gets right.

    1. Was with you all the way past scrolling up and seeing the price tag, until I heard the over-the-top distortion stages in the video being marketed as ‘tube emulations’.

  4. Hmmm… I could be interested in Loom as there’s no Harmor for Mac (yet?) but as has been said already – no demo and 200 bucks? No thanks.

  5. $200 each and being marketed together? at least give a bundle deal or something, not that I’d buy them I’m pretty stocked up on synths for the moment…

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