The Roland TR-707 Drum Machine

Here’s a look at the Roland TR-707 drum machine – a vintage drum machine from 1985 – via AnalogAudio1:

The Roland TR-707 is a classic programmable digital drum machine from 1985.

Accent is programmable. It has MIDI and also the Roland SYNC-Interface. It has single outputs for the drum sounds. The TR-707 has fifteen digitally sampled sounds and also shuffle functions.

The TR-707 was a staple in early house music, particularly with acid house.

If you’ve used the Roland TR-707, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “The Roland TR-707 Drum Machine

  1. I used it as a standalone unit recording to tape in 1986. I always had reams of paper with pattern notes to sequence the order of a song…. it was painful, but unlike it’s predecessors this machine fooled clients into thinking you had a drummer. But I’ll stick with my DAW thanks…. sometimes the ‘good old days’ weren’t all that great.

  2. Had both the 707 and 727.
    The 727 is the exact same thing except with blue graphics and latin sounds.
    You could sync them together for one big kit.

  3. My first drum machine! I bought one for $125 from a guy who was recording one of my high school bands back in 1995. I eventually traded for a Yamaha that sounded better but the 707 was much more fun to program/easy to use.

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