DIY Ondes Martenot-Style Synthesizer, MonotrOndes, Based On Korg Monotron

Reader Ville Aho created a DIY Ondes Martenot style synthesizer, the MonotrOndes, based on a Korg Monotron.

Aho notes:

I built this Ondes Martenot-style musical instrument. It’s quite cheap to build.
The sound generator is Korg Monotron. The most expensive part besides the Monotron was a multiturn 100k potentiometer.

The demo video features multi-tracked tracks of the MonotrOndes.


13 thoughts on “DIY Ondes Martenot-Style Synthesizer, MonotrOndes, Based On Korg Monotron

  1. How easy was it to build this can you post up some plans/schematics, I would love something like this !!!

    Great tune as well, loved it!!!

  2. That’s really beautiful. Proves that’s its about the person, and the tune, not the gear (see previous ‘Electro Anyone?’ post).

    It’ll be great to see what people do with the new Volca Keys. There’ll be some serious DIY work done with that machine and it’s 3 notes of analogue poly.

  3. Any way a fellow diyer/circuit bender could get a schematic or a breakdown of how this is made? That is flipping gorgeous.

  4. I’d really wish Korg would build exactly this in a proper housing with a good chorus effect and bbd delay added.. it would be my dreamsynth far over the MS-20 and many other!

  5. Great idea and execution of it. Best use I have seen of a monotron yet. Very impressive. Michael Nyman should be worried….

  6. Incredible. Really lovely.

    It’s a bit reminiscent of the Clockwork Orange soundtrack – not in sound, but execution. The layering of a monophonic analogue synth to achieve the effect of an orchestra is a really fantastic technique that I wish was used more often.

    Write up those instructions – I’ve got to make this.

  7. 5 stars for putting some humanity back in the mix, where so much is done in lock-step. A voice like that can’t help but enhance a piece. Classy. Another win for good loopers,too.

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