Korg Announces Pa900 Performance Arranger Keyboard

Korg_Pa900_on_StandKorg today announced the latest addition to their line of high performance Arranger Keyboards. The Pa900 provides a new palate of sounds, as well as a broad range of musical styles which cover genres from around the world.

New to the Pa900 model is expanded PCM memory, user PCM, and style locations. A “robust” color TouchView screen, plus Korg’s DNC (Defined Nuance Control) system, for expressively recreating instrument articulation, round out the offerings.

The Pa900 sound engine uses double the PCM memory of the best-selling Pa600, and extends the amount of User PCM to 192MB. The number of user style locations has also expanded, and the new features are complemented by an intuitive user interface and an array of features such as a TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, an MP3 player & recorder, a Dual Sequencer with crossfader, and video output to display song lyrics.

Additional features include:

  • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine for improved realism and expressiveness
  • An improved built-in speaker system delivers it all with clear, rich sound.
  • Three assignable switches and a four-way joystick for total control of the sound articulation levels (DNC – Defined Nuance Control)
  • 61-key, semi-weighted keyboard action, with velocity and aftertouch
  • Large TouchView 7″ TFT display
  • Easy layout and intuitive graphical interface with new search function
  • 2-way speaker system for powerful, clear sound
  • Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 for “even more realistic” guitar parts
  • Chord Sequencer function, to record any chord progression on-the-fly
  • 4 Stereo Master Effects (125 FX Types) + 2 Global Effects (Limiter, EQ)
  • Enhanced compatibility with lyrics in graphical format (+G) for MP3
  • Fully-programmable SongBook database, based on styles, SMF, Karaoke and MP3, with instant recall of song settings, plus user-definable lists and filtering and ordering options.
  • Multi-language extended character set (lyrics can be shown in most original languages).

Pricing and Availability

The Korg Pa900 will be available in September 2013 with a U.S. Street price of $1899. Additional product information is available at the Korg website.

14 thoughts on “Korg Announces Pa900 Performance Arranger Keyboard

  1. Oatmeal. Do they actually sell many of these? Korg has this uncanny ability to release some of the least interesting-looking keyboards.

    1. Well of course if you only focus on this one Korg must be pretty boring, but you forget they also do the MS-20, Volca’s, and many others. Korg is one of the rare companies which tries to makes something different for everyone, but if you prefer you can complain how this one looks boring.

  2. Yes, they sell a wad of them. A lot of casuals players use instruments like this or a Tyros. They also do pretty well with people who would have bought a home organ in the previous era and with churches, who usually don’t have the stratospheric price of a true pipe organ sitting around. You’d be surprised at how many people are fascinated by synthesizers, but can’t suss the unsane world of 50-things-in-a-pile that we enjoy. They’re a meaningful part of that market slice. Allow 2% for mad hatters who will use one of these as the master controller for other things. I saw a shot of a guy running Cubase with a Tyros, soooo…

    1. I find it cute that their hair styles match. Don’t dismiss the fact that at this level, arrangers have the same guts as the Kronos or Motifs. The GUI may look goofy to some, but the engine is righteous. Don’t confuse the case with the sound quality.

  3. Korg and roland are really offering. Pale sounding keyboards. Compare even the e 09. With bk5. Bk5 is no match to it. Or compare pa500 with pa600. You can make out the difference.

  4. Some of the previous comments regarding the quality of the sounds are nuts. I own many keyboards and tone modules and have been operating a commercial recording studio for many years. The sounds in the PA900 are exceptional. The Grand Piano is the best I’ve ever heard. Rivals the Motif. Guitars are unbelievable. The drum tracks in the styles sound completely live. When you consider what they have packed into this keyboard for the price, it can’t be beat. I’ll betting they sell a ton of these.

  5. DEFECT KORG Pa900 :

    1: to be possible use of place (AUDIO IN) or pedals: (ASSIGNABLE) and (DAMPER) for four(4) output system in menu pa 900.

    2: load set pa800 or pa2x,…in pa 900 pad (1234) specific every style or assignable every style is not specific.

    3: ability compressed samples in place sampling to be possible all sample and one sample in pa900 example KORG Pa3x.

    4: ability to lock code for set pa900 and to want lock code time load set or save set or copy set,… .

    5: voice system pa900 in status quo output that in front of compare pa800 or pa2x very is treble.

    6: update and install and to compose all voice sample ROM in SOUND pa 900 to example KORG pa2x & pa800 , … .

    7: not save button switch(1,2,3) in pa900 : then system standby to be switch reseting in pa 900.to be save example KORG pa2x & pa 800,…

    8: ability recording (sample wave) in place sampling pa900 to example pa2x & pa800,…to be ability active(enable) to (AUDIO IN ) speaker play in place sampling and to be ability mp3 load sample in place sampling.

    9: synchronize play mp3 and recording. and play file wave.

    10: install insertion switch & add (erase) in menu MEDIA for erase file kmp &, …. Instead of delete .

    11: in MEDIA install ability open pcm and multismp Load and open RAM 1 up to 99 open
    & erase & rename those.

    12: install insertion switch mark in media and place sampling and sound for erase or copy or rename to sort total or one work sightly.

    13: ability click on folder for open that,…in LCD

    14: ability executive standby (sleep) to example computer & KORG pa3x.

    15: install 20 bank performance in pa 900 in LCD example KORG pa2x & pa800,… .

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