LivKontrol Launches First Ableton Live Remote Controller for Android

pictureImaginando has recently launched an Android-friendly version of its LIVKONTROL Ableton Live controller. The company says this is “the world’s first dedicated Ableton Live remote controller for Android.”

The controller has a simple-yet-functional interface, and all the main control features are at a distance of a finger. Alternative application views are toggled via multi-touch gestures for a simpler user experience.

LIVKONTROL also works as an Ableton Live remote controller for mobile devices, with its plug-and-play connection to Ableton Live, using LKBRIDGE.

Product Features:

  • Remotely control your Live session
  • Easy to set up
  • Scrollable viewport for full scene access
  • Scene launch buttons with scene name
  • Clips reflect color, name, play status and position
  • 8 MIDI sliders for custom MIDI assignment
  • Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks
  • Control track volumes and pan easily in a and space saving format
  • Interface lock feature
  • Song play, stop, record and tempo control
  • Metronome control
  • Tempo tap up and down
  • Quantization selection

LivKontrol Requirements:

In order to use LivKontrol, it is necessary to download and install LKBRIDGE, the required connection software. Both Windows and Mac OSX versions of the software are available for free download at this link.   For further information visit the LivKontrol website.

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