Get Traktor DJ For iPhone, iPad For Free


Native Instruments is offering Traktor DJ for iPhone and Traktor DJ for iPad as free downloads, ahead of the 5th anniversary of the iOS App Store:

Get em while you can – it’s likely that this is a limited-time offering.

via cloddo

21 thoughts on “Get Traktor DJ For iPhone, iPad For Free

      • Because Apple does not support their devices if they are over 2 years old (like the ipad1). Updating requires user to shell out another $500+ to buy a new device (which incidently will not be suppported anymore within 2 or maybe 3 years).

        Also Apple does not keep any legacy code in newer versions of ios, making most new apps incompatible with older versions of ios.

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      • You forgot about ADJ, Edjing and countless others great mixing apps for Android (which are not affected by latency unlike performance instruments), but this is not surprising considering most IOS users have absolutely no clue about what`s going on Android.

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  1. great news. wish other apps following same route. Thor, Lemur, Orphion, etc, c’mon guys don’t be shy. Let’s join the App store party 😉

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    • Get Orphion now!!!

      Apple forced Orphion to remove its flat finger sensing api, the next update of Orphion will be crippled and will not sense if a finger is flat or standing (basically the thing that made Orphion great and expressive).

      Thank you Apple for once again showing how you reward developpers who tries to innovate on your gaming platform.

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      • in that regard there’s a signature petition on to ask the use of the “articulation gesture” API to keep Orphion and allow other developers make use of that feature.

        if you liked it, then you should have put a “sign” on it – (xD)

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      • Blame Apple all you want, but wasn’t it the Orphion guys that took your money without disclosing that they were using unsupported API’s?

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        • Then please tell me why did Apple approved Orphion over 7 times? its been a well known fact that Orphion was using an outside api from the beginning. How come it took over 2 years before Apple suddenly decided this was not acceptable anymore? Aren’t they supposed to have some kind of impenetrable screening process?

          btw I’m very happy for buying Orphion on these basis, i won’t update it so I will not lose the functionnality, only the new buyers will.

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        • Orphion took my money over something that works as advertised (and was approved by Apple on each time it was updated). Also the outside api was not hidden it was pretty well documented.

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  2. Since i foolishly bought both apps, when you had to pay for them, i now demand a discount on Z1!!! NI you are screwing me.

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  3. I was just wondering when the bitchfest was gonna start, being free and all.

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  4. Apple is starting to suck. Why don’t they like the sensing API? They approved the app already. If they feel that strongly then I feel Orphion should be grandfathered in and Apple can restrict new apps from using this. I’m guessing Apple wants to make money from this particular technology. They ought to pay the makers of Orphion. Or Orphion should sue them.

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  5. was really excited but apparently this requires itunes in order to work. laaaame. wah, wah..

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