Korg Intros New Free MicroKorg Sound Bank


Korg has released a new free soundbank for the microKorg synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

These 128 custom sounds from Korg USA are truly a micro makeover, pushing the powerful microKORG analog modeling engine to deliver a fresh and wild collection of leads, basses, atmospheric textures, arpeggiations, motions synths, rhythmic grooves and much, much more to explore. Take your microKORG and your music to new levels with this exciting new sound set!

Head over to www.korg.com/microkorg to download the new sound library.

19 thoughts on “Korg Intros New Free MicroKorg Sound Bank

  1. Where’s this free soundbank exactly? Seems the link is for the new MicroKorg keyboard.

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  2. Oh click on the support & downloads tab on the side. Soundbank seems to be only for windows. Boo.

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  3. Awesome! I downloaded the library it came in zip file…can i get a little guidance as to how i can get the the new sounds into my microkorg synth? thank you! :)

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  4. Not sure I understand all the comments in this thread – (a) Lule – the zip file includes a pdf with instructions on what to do with the soundbank and (b) smirktronic – the file includes details for using a Mac – I can’t see what you guys are struggling with?

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  5. so to load this I go thru the midi cable? I don’t have a mico korg sound editor either – is that a separate dl?

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  6. Hey, could somebody post a demo of this set of sounds somewhere? How are we supposed to know whether we want to go through the trouble of installing this without hearing it somewhere?

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  7. I ´ve downloaded the patches and try to use it, every patches are initial patches.
    I post tonight on a french forum. If the problem is the same. I will email korg, or call the french dealer.
    I try à Long Time and every patch is the same, that doesn’t work.

    After looking around on the net, i see a lot of post for a guy who work for Dave Smith, and who made some patch for him.
    After that he made 128 patches for microkorg ms2000. And he try to sale it on ebay. At the same time.
    Is it the same patches?

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  8. I tried the patches (sounds) yesterday, and they are better than the factory defaults imho…
    the download link is : http://i.korg.com/uploads/Download/USA_microKORG_KorgUSA_Bank.zip
    it will give you a zip file with all you need – except the microkorg soundeditor found under software here : http://i.korg.com/SupportPage.aspx?productid=128 – and you will also need midi between your computer and your microkorg. Enjoy !

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