The Metasonix D1000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine In Action

This video, via Wein Glas, explores the sounds of the Metasonix D1000 Vacuum-Tube Drum Machine:

The Metasonix D1000 gets not enough love on youtube, so I made this video. The lovely tube drum machine plays with it’s friends Grendel Drone Commander and Red Panda Particle Delay.

Only two channels of the D1000 were used here: One for the backgound drone and the other channel of the D1000 works as a filter for the Particle Delay and as a drum machine at the same time.

3 thoughts on “The Metasonix D1000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine In Action

  1. what a beautiful piece of gear, that turned me on for sure 😉 great sounding track too; it was awesomely alien.

    those tubes though, i’m pretty sure tubes are the sexiest part of any music gear.

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  2. Wow that was unusually subtle and under control for Metasonix, makers of the KV-1000 “AssBlaster”. 😉

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  3. Nice video Weinglas i like this block really vacuum tube has a variety of features the Metasonix D’1000 Vacuum amplifier is good and its sound quality is too good but I want from a variety of range can you suggest some moreClick Here

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