Live Electronic-Acoustic Music From Glasys

Sunday Synth Jam: This video features Synthtopia reader Gil Assayas (vocals, synths, sampler) & bandmate Uriel Sverdin (drums), performing as an electronic-acoustic duo, Glasys.

In the video, the duo performs Leg-O, live in the studio. 

Here are the technical details:

It was recorded and shot live in a studio using an Octatrack, a Therevox ET-4 processed by an MXR Carbon Copy and acoustic drums.

The loops were sequenced and recorded on the Octatrack in advance using a Moog Slim Phatty, Oberheim SEM Pro, Vermona DRM1 MKIII and various effects pedals. The Octatrack is manipulating these loops live using Parameter Locks, Scenes and the internal effects.

7 thoughts on “Live Electronic-Acoustic Music From Glasys

  1. Comments above seem a little harsh. This seems to be a serious effort. Very interesting. I love when synths get to play with others, and there is at least some “live” drumming. Drum machines are great and are also used here, but nothing is as responsive and expressive as a human drummer, imho. Liked the impassioned vocals. (Sometimes there is a habit for electronic musicians to sound overly robotic). The “chorus” part
    seemed just a bit busy mix-wise. The part toward the end with the wordless vocalizing was nice, with a more open sound and not too much straining the ear. (For lack of a better way to put it). All in all, an excellent effort. Looking forward to hearing more from them, as well as
    other live electronic acts. : )

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