New iPad Synth – zMors

Developer Sven Braun has introduced zMors – a 4 Layer iPad synthesizer with build in sequencer.


  • Audio engine use 32Bit float per sample
  • Vector based oscillators with touch edit
  • Audiobus support
  • Midi, Clock, MTC input
  • 8 Oscillators
  • 4 AMP envelopes
  • 4 LFOs with FM,AM,Filter and oscillator mix
  • LFO beat or key sync
  • 4 Filters (HP,BP,LP)
  • Reverb and delay sends
  • Sequencer unit

zMors is available in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “New iPad Synth – zMors

  1. Strange synth.
    Most of the presets sound the same, the single envelope and the lack of routing possibilities are disturbing, but after some tinkering with the phase and the bitcrushing, I got pretty nice sounds.
    If someone could explain to me how to save a new preset instead of always overwriting the current one…

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