Reon Driftbox Synthesizer Demo

At the 2013 NAMM Show, Japanese synth maker Reon was showing the Reon Driftbox line of synth modules.

Now Perfect Circuit Audio has announced that it is distributing the Reon Driftbox line outside of Japan. 

The modules include:

  • The Driftbox S – a complete 2VCO/VCF/VCA synth for $799
  • Driftbox R – a complete synth voice module that features cross modulation, sync and pitch EG for $619

Details are available at the Perfect Circuit Audio site.


Update, 10 May, 2016: Perfect Circuit asks us to let readers know that they no longer carry the Reon Driftbox, but carry a variety of other synth modules.  -ed.

9 thoughts on “Reon Driftbox Synthesizer Demo

    1. I agree. I’m getting tired of these analog synth demos that are 70% mangled bleeps and bloops. Random noises of LFO modulating pitch and filter cutoff are really not difficult to coax out of any analog synth, and as these sounds go, this $799 unit doesn’t sound a whole lot better than a $50 Monotron.

      It wasn’t until about minute 5:30 that we heard some actual keyboard synth parts being played, and the results sounded pretty uninspiring IMO.

  1. My first project was the MFOS weird sound generator. For less than $50 I got a lot more than this. Did they forget the decimal in $799 shouldn’t it read $79.99 even then I would be hard pressed to buy on the results of this video.

  2. ummmmm sounds .. umm crap… thin and bleepy no use sounds anywhere .. if you are going to make crap sounds.. at least make it look like an art peices – Folktek etc

  3. Utter trash… Demos these days glorify glitchy sounds, but not the true musical possibilities of these synths. God damnit.

  4. Did you notice it says #1 in the title? Maybe because there are more coming… Oh wait, they just posted another yesterday. If you think this synth sounds like a Monotron – you should just stop now and give up entirely. You have no ear for the stuff. The timbres these boxes create are unparalleled. Go on, try and recreate them exactly with another synth… especially a Monotron or MFOS – I dare you!

  5. idiots have 0 ear.
    this demo perfectly showcases what these modules can do
    if this is “just noise” to you, then you have a long way to go.

    having said that, i still think that 799 is a bit much.

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