New Bass Synth, CRUD, Offers ‘Earth Shattering Bass’

crud-bass-synthesizerDeveloper Alexander Smith has introduced CRUD – an ‘earth shattering’ bass synthesizer for iPad.


  • 6 expression knobs that have different effect depending on preset:
    • Cutoff
    • Resonance
    • Lfo Speed
    • Lfo Depth
    • Bit Crush
    • Attack
    • Release
  • Audiobus to ‘drop the horrors directly into your tunes’.
  • MIDI input

Here’s an unofficial video intro to ‘the horrors’ of CRUD:

CRUD is available in the App Store for US $2.99.

If you’ve used CRUD, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

15 thoughts on “New Bass Synth, CRUD, Offers ‘Earth Shattering Bass’

  1. Finger in nose is appropriate. Sampled sounds that pitch shift and speed up/slow down the modulation effects = old school sampling tech. Fun little toy for my 5 year old though, I guess.

  2. bought it. kind of fun. but, yes, it’s samples…with variable playback speed.
    i might use to make some noise, or for noodling, but it’d be better to figure out the principles of the sounds and design them in something like Thor instead. i think it’d be better as a $0.99 app.

  3. Yea the presets are just based on one, mostly badly, looped sample per preset . So basically…it’s useless for its advertised use. And it’s obviously not a synth by any definition, as advertised in the app info. So…I’s fun to goof around with for a while, it might be useful via Audiobus to quickly drop some bas into a project. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it is being sold as a synth, which it is definitely not.

    1. @ChrisG- Could you tell me how you are going about getting your refund? I just purchased the app and although i like the majority of the samples, it’s usability is very limited. I noticed stuttering in the samples, no background audio, and the app stalls or continues notes whenever i try to multitask. Also only omni channel midi in, with the worst midi response (it dies every 5 mins, can’t handle legatos, hangs on first key i touch, hell…even Genome doesn’t want to play with it) If only i had surpressed this impulse-buy. I could’ve spent those bucks on something that expanded my setup…

      1. Just got a mail from the developer, he’s being bugged by the new IOS update and working hard to get CRUD to work properly even on IOS7…which we probably all know is a pain in the @ss…
        He also promised to change the description into ‘rompler’ in the app store.
        I believe him to be straight and on top of his game, and look forward to try his Apps in nearby future.
        All in all, Alxander Smith seems to be the real deal, props!

  4. @ChrisG- Yep. NOT a synthesiser. Bought when I saw it in the App Store, now looking for refund because of bad advertising. I did not want a looping wavetable with factory presets or a ‘sample library’ locked into an (although great looking!) app 🙁

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