Hardcore Edition Of Modular Synth Documentary ‘I Dream Of Wires’ To Be Available Again

Producers of the modular synth documentary I Dream Of Wires have announced that they will be making the uncensored 4-hour ‘Hardcore Edition’ of the film available for purchase again.
The Hardcore Edition of I Dream Of Wires was originally intended to be a limited-edition version for people that supported the production of the film. According to the producers, the decision to make it more widely available came down to there being more interest in the extended cut than in a planned shorter theatrical cut.
Here’s the official announcement:
We’ve decided that we are going to make “I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition” DVDs and BluRays available to purchase again. Please give us about a week, and then you’ll find a shiny new “BUY” button on our website. More details forthcoming.This decision was reached largely due to an overwhelming demand. It seems that a 4-hour documentary about modular synthesizers isn’t as niche as we thought! Comparatively, interest in the theatrical cut seems to be minimal, and so we’ve decided to put those plans on hold, and instead concentrate on IDOW as we feel it was meant to be: 4 hours, HARDCORE!

We know that there are some pre-order customers who will be disappointed that their “exclusive” edition is no longer so special. We understand, and apologize if you feel mislead. We hope you can take pride in knowing that this film wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for pre-orders from people like you. Ultimately, we just need to do what is best for the film, for the modular community, and for us, which is to get this film seen by everyone who wants to see it.

See the IDOW site for details.

7 thoughts on “Hardcore Edition Of Modular Synth Documentary ‘I Dream Of Wires’ To Be Available Again

  1. I bought the BluRay version and I really enjoyed it!!

    Personally, I don’t feel slighted that others will be able to buy the extended version. I think part of the fun of modulars is sharing ideas with others and I feel that this is just a way for more people to join in the fun of it all!

  2. Who’d have thought that there would be more interest in the long version. I got my DVD two weeks ago and still felt that even the Hardcore Edition (yes, I’m not calling it IDOW because I actually read the semi-threatening letter that accompanied the DVD *g*) could have been longer. All in all I was surprised to see that the selection was very balanced (e.g. east vs. west coast proponents or the debate about old vs. new analog electronics). That’s certainly something I had not expected. If it had been me at the helm of this documentary it probably would have been more partisan. Thumbs up to the makers, although in all honesty I have to say: WTF? A “reissue” of a limited edition? Even though I’m not a collector I feel slightly cheated. I just wish the producers that they eventually get something out of the feature length cut (like an award at a festival).

  3. I don’t want to sound sour, because I think everybody that loves synths should own this film. And while I really hope the makers will have a lot of success with this great film, I’m not sure what to make of the rerelease. A lot of synth enthusiasts participated in the funding campaign not only because the wanted to buy the film, but also because they were afraid to miss the boat.
    Now that they’re rerunning the limited edition, I feel that the advantage for the early adapters is gone. The people who funded (and waited patiently!) for the film are in a way tricked a bit. It would be the same if I would fund a movie with corporate bucks and promise them an exclusive party as a thanks, while inviting the whole world over.

    While I still am very happy with the film and wish the makers all the best. Maybe this is not strategically the best move. A lot of the people who funded the campaign did not even received their package yet. Maybe they should have waited for a bit.

  4. I think it is great that the extended version is going to be available. I have the BluRay, but have no need to feel I have an exclusive no one else can get. This needs to be shared with all who have an interest. Love to see sequels, and I have a list of people I would love to see interviewed. Vangelis, Eno, Klaus Shultz for starters.

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