Nodal Generative Sequencer Updated With New Scales & More

nodal-screenshotMonash University has announced the release of version 1.9 of its generative music software Nodal.

Nodal is a standalone generative sequencer that allows the user to create complex musical patterns based on the concept of a network of nodes (musical events), connected together by edges (transitions between events).

Here’s what’s new:

New features:

  • A new scales mode that sets a key signature and mode for each player.
  • Improved information display for networks: edge signalling and last note played for nodes.
  • Voice group muting: toggle muting for individual voice groups while a composition is playing.

Nodal is available for Mac & Windows for $30. A free demo version is available.

7 thoughts on “Nodal Generative Sequencer Updated With New Scales & More

  1. I think generative programs can be quite interesting on a lot of levels. They can also rejuvenate the creative process in general as these programs are special in their own way and approach music composition from different angles. Also, it can be helpful if you want to direct your instruments and have the generative music programs play in a ‘jam’ setting while you tweak and shape the music in various ways…just another approach that can be fun and productive.

    I don’t particularly think it’s fair to say a program isn’t worth while because you personally didn’t connect with it. I actually found noatikl easier and more productive in general. I’m not sure why other than I maybe drawn more to the menus and the fact that Eno used it in the past. Not to say I haven’t had frustrations with it and I’ve made suggestions to the noatikl folks. But, I’ve gotten good results from it and have enjoyed discovering and shaping the output. I didn’t have that same attraction to the Nodal program but I’m going to go back and try to get more acquainted. I hope to understand it better!

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