Bucephalus v2.0 Brings New Granular Synth Features, Effects & More


Refined Stochastic Technology has released Bucephalus 2.0 – an update to the physics-based sound design tool for iOS.

Version 2.0 presents a brand new audio engine featuring granular-based synthesis, utilizing both a built-in library and your own custom samples. It includes an array of custom built effects including a “Chamber” reverb, three Filters (LPF, HPF and BPF), Distortion and master effects (Compression and Soft Saturation).

Here’s what’s new in Bucephalus 2.0:

  • New audio engine including new granular based synthesis
  • New user interface
  • Added Master FX (Compression and Soft Saturation)
  • Added touch Gravity alongside accelerometer control
  • ASR envelope filter added (Advanced upgrade required)

Here’s a preview of Bucephalus 2.0 in action:

Bucephalus is free with an in-app purchase that unlocks advanced features. Here’s a breakdown of what each version offers:

Basic Features:

  • Five ball sizes controlled globally.
  • Highly accurate ball physics.
  • Add up to 20 balls simultaneously (6 on older devices).
  • Five fixed high quality custom resonance samples.
  • Variable ball hardness to blend between granular synthesis resonant and static collision sounds.
  • Variable elasticity and gravity.
  • Gravity controlled by accelerometer or with touch controller.
  • RST designed three stage Chamber Reverb unit.
  • RST designed distortion unit.
  • RST designed Filters (Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass) with variable cutoff and resonance.
  • Master FX: Compression with variable Threshold/Ratio and Soft Saturation for analog-like breakup.
  • Audiobus support – connect to other audio apps in real time.

Advanced Features (Available with in-app purchase):

  • Access to library of high quality custom resonance samples, with more coming in later versions.
  • Import your own samples via iTunes.
  • Ability to change tuning of notes over 10 octave range.
  • Fine tuning parameter for each ball size.
  • Customisable scales for each ball size with 10 save slots available.
  • ASR envelope filter customisable for each ball size.
  • Sample spread control to accurately trigger different sections of resonant sample over screen width and height.

Bucephalus is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used Bucephalus, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

via Jonathan Papert

3 thoughts on “Bucephalus v2.0 Brings New Granular Synth Features, Effects & More

  1. First of, I allwyas like it when there’s a new granular synth out, so I will be checking this one out.
    Secondly, What???!! Import via itunes ONLY? No audio copy??? Why?? Sorry, but thats just dumb.
    Seriously guys, this should be your next _emidiate_ update.

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