STIX Sampling Drum Machine For iPad

stix-ipad-drum-machineDeveloper Alexander Smith has released STIX – a 16 channel (8×2 voices) sampling synthesizer and sequencer.

Each kit features no less than 200 parameters that are controllable in real-time via touch or MIDI.

STIX is also a 8 channel 16 step drum sequencer with recording functionality. The sequencer’s 8 patterns can be chained into songs in Track Mode.

Up to 100 Preset Kits can be stored and the 8 drum modules can be performed on the pads throughout the app’s modes. STIX also features Audiobus compatibility.

STIX is available for $3.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used STIX, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “STIX Sampling Drum Machine For iPad

  1. Nice app, but is the screen of your computer really the ideal drum pad surrogate? Won’t enough lively finger drumming cause it to crater prematurely?

  2. I see all thumbs-down, but its an honest question. If you fall in luv with the thing and play it hard enough to gradually unsettle the internal components, you may be killing off $500 and up prematurely. Its NOT A DRUM PAD, its a whole computer. I restate that the app is a winner; its the touch issue that bothers me. I’m seriously asking. Do you think it can handle that or would you run a mini-pad controller into it for the job?

  3. I have finger drummed plenty with beatmaker 2 which is kind of like a mpc and you can get pretty rough with it. But it’s definitely not the best option, but that’s mostly because of the lack of true velocity sensitivity.

    1. That answers my question, thanks! If it was me, I’d be all over Akai’s new $149 mini-MPC for the job. The reality is that you usually have to haul a bag of STUFF along, such as chargers, spare USB sticks and the like. If you have to physically spread it out a bit to really play it on the go, you may as well line up the most practical tools you can. If the pad would power that MPC, that’d be a stout rig-in-a-box setup.

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