7 thoughts on “Modular Synthesizer For iPad With Hardware Controller

  1. I am a modular synthesizer user and I gotta say this looks pretty fun and sounds pretty damn good! Unfortunately, I am an iPad 1 user and I believe that rules me out. It’s fine though, I’ll just be playing my real modular synth instead.

    Probably a great app to teach you how to get around in a modular environment!

  2. Honestly, this app was one of my fav things I was looking forward to before getting an iPad… as it stands, I’d give it a 6/10…

    Many great aspects to it, however much room for imporvement, which I hope the developers add…

    1) allowing the user to change the shape and size of the case would improve this app SO MUCH!!! Being forced to have the skinny 3 row setup is not all comfortable, especially on an iPad Mini! Being allowed to make 2 or 3 long rows instead, would allow a lot more ability to easily patch for those who like to use the iPad horizontally (which I think might even be most users…)

    2) sound quality is a bit sub-par IMO… The filters have a nice sound which I find quite unique, but overall, the sounds of this app are not up the level of the Jasuto in Hi Def..

    3) Stack Cables!!!! I understand… this would not fit with the Moog/5u aesthetic of the app, and might even push it the point of crashing… but if this were possible it would open up the app 1,000 fold! Being limited to the 3 row skinny case… having to allocate space to an archaic mult on an iPad Air feels ridiculous… honestly. You might as well take away the app’s ability to stay in tune, like a “real vintage moog modular”! If the case were able to expand, this would not be such an issue, but as it stands, these are huge limitations to what could be a really incredible app!

    I hope the manufacturer reads this… I would love to LOVE this app! 6.99 for it vs. the $10 for Jasuto in HD.. Jasuto wins hands down! Improving the audio quality a tad, opening up the case options and giving more room for cross-modulation could make this a Killer App yet!

  3. a shame its only available for Apple sh*t.. but i know.. Android should be kicked for not having proper audio techniques to use this kind of apps..
    soooo if Apple gonna drop its arrogancy and make it more affordable.. well, maybe.. MAYBE.. im considering to TRY a iPad.. or should i better save that money and invest in a REAL modular 😛

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