Ableton Live 9.1 In Public Beta, With Push Step Sequencer and Dual Monitor Support

Earlier this month, we told you about a pending upgrade to Ableton Live , and this morning Ableton made it official, with the release of a “public beta” update to Ableton Live 9, which brings dual monitor support, and a new melodic step sequencer, among other improvements:

  • Live 9.1 introduces support for two windows, including the option to place the windows on different monitors.
  • For Push owners, Live 9.1 introduces a brand new melodic step sequencer.
  • Improved rendering: If you’re working at a high sample rate (such as 96 kHz), you can now downsample to lower sample rates (such as 44.1 kHz) with no loss in quality. Also, rendering now uses multiple cores, which can result in much faster exports.

Ableton_Live_91_dual_monitorAnd though it may not be an improvement that every Ableton Live user will make use of, at Synthtopia we are geeking out at the thought of using the Push to play in Phrygian or Lydian (or Dorian or what-have-you) mode. (Former music theory students, unite!)

Pricing and Availability.

The Live 9.1 update is available in public beta and is free for owners of Ableton Live 9. More information available at this link.

10 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9.1 In Public Beta, With Push Step Sequencer and Dual Monitor Support

    1. Push is a live controller, clip launcher, velocity and after touch sensative drum machine and keyboard and a step sequencer drum, chords and melody) . It is an amazing device, I have one. And yes, the lights are woohoo also.

      Interesting to note that this isn’t just duel monitor, it’s duel ‘window’ so you can now have a big window for say midi note editing….

  1. These features are worth more to me than all the other 9.0 upgrades (pitch to midi etc … Who cares)
    Dual monitor support and faster better rendering may be enough for me to upgrade now

  2. The update is great but I would still like to see Retina display support.

    Also, ran into a few bugs already with Push not properly displaying device parameter feedback

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