Yamaha Debuts CP4 Stage Piano

Yamaha_CP4Yamaha recently introduced the CP4 Stage 88-key stage piano, (pictured at right), which the company says represents “the pinnacle of what a live keyboard can be.”

The CP4 features a selection of 45 voices from Yamaha’s “premium, hand-crafted” grand pianos, including the CFX, CFIIIS and S6, along with sounds of 47 vintage electric pianos with Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, and a wide variety of 321 sounds based on the flagship MOTIF synthesizer.

Yamaha_CP40Yamaha has also released the CP40 Stage, (pictured, right), which offers a selection of grand piano sounds based on the Yamaha CFIIIs, one of Yamaha’s Premium Collection grand pianos. The CP40 Stage also includes sounds of 35 vintage electric pianos, 247 Motif instrument Voices and 62 VCM effects.

Pricing and Availability. Yamaha’s CP4 (suggested retail price $2,999) Stage piano and the CP40 (suggested retail price $2,399) will ship at the end of September.

4 thoughts on “Yamaha Debuts CP4 Stage Piano

  1. Eh… Yamaha pianos have always left something to be desired for me, kind of bright and thin in general…

    Steinway or Bosendorfer is more the way to go IMO.

    I’ll be REALLY impressed if someone releases a digital piano based on Fazioli samples!

    1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with Yamaha pianos (high end Yamahas aren’t thin at all, although yes the Yamaha sound does trend towards brightness), but if you’re into the Fazioli sound, and you’re willing to go software for your digital rig, Synthogy Ivory has long had a huge Fazioli sample (I’ve never played a real Fazioli piano so I can’t easily judge its accuracy to the Fazioli character, I can only judge it in general as a digital piano instrument).

      But leaving grand piano preferences aside, as far as hardware digital stage pianos go, the Yamaha CP1 is to me the best I’ve ever played, so I’m extremely excited to try (and perhaps buy) the CP4.

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