XME Studio 2 Offers 96 Tracks, AudioBus Support

studio-2-ipadXME has released Studio 2 – the latest version of the iPad DAW.

Key features of version 2 include support for up to 96 tracks and AudioBus.

Studio 2 also supports importing audio from a wide variety of sources, including: your music library, iTunes-synced document folder, email, online radio stations and YouTube videos

Studio 2 is available now in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “XME Studio 2 Offers 96 Tracks, AudioBus Support

  1. I appreciate the array of cheap quality synths and music apps on the market, but is there anybody using an iPad as the core of their studio system? It seems to me that if you seriously need 96 tracks, you’d – a) spend a small fortune on peripherals and b) go insane trying to navigate your way around a 96 track session with a 9″ screen and fingers incapable of the kind of fine tuning needed to control a job of that size with precision and speed.

    1. There are lots of people building their music setup around an iPad. Check out the way Ani performs (http://www.ani-web.com/) for an example.

      People, too often, get hung up on the idea that tablets need to do the things we use our desktop/laptop computers for.

      What is more interesting is whether tablets let people make music in new ways. Tools like this give people a lot of power for a very reasonable price and make it possible for more people to experiment with making music in new ways.

    1. I asked if anybody is actually creating 96 track recordings at present on only an ipad equipped studio? I’m not disputing the future of the product nor its power to accomplish these tasks… I’m wondering is anybody actually choosing this over a laptop or a desktop?…. and only folks like you use the term “folks like you”

  2. Is this app a serious contender? With Auria, cubasis and bm2 in the app space and now looptical, I’m not sure how appealing this is. It doesn’t seem to solve any workflow issues, but I defer judgement to those who are using it.

  3. Took plunge with this app due to recent price reduction. It does not work. At all. In any way shape manner nor form. Avoid like the plague. My Review submitted days ago with * rating has not appeared as it should have done by now. Very suspect in all. Tracked down the dev on facebook. He seems like an utter idiot, actually.

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