Syntaur CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal

syntaur-control-voltage-pedalSyntaur has introduced the CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal – a pedal that you can patch into synths that accept control voltages to add control of volume, filter sweeps and more:

Similar to the classic Moog Model 1120 pedal, the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is a control-voltage (CV) source for use with analog synthesizers. It generates a voltage, the level of which is controlled by the pedal, and by plugging the 1/4-inch phone plug into a CV input of a synthesizer, you can control filter sweeps, volume, pitch, etc. This sturdy pedal is a great expressive tool for use with your vintage synths!

Here’s a partial list of synths that the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is compatible with:

  • Arp Odyssey, Pedal
  • Korg MS-10, MS-20, any CV inputs
  • Moog Minimoog, any of the 3 External Control Inputs (Loudness, Filter, Oscillator)
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager, any of the Control Inputs
  • Oberheim Matrix 12, Pedal Input 1 & 2
  • Roland Juno-6, VCF Control
  • Roland Juno-60, VCF Control
  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Filter CV In
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 & Prophet 10, Control Voltage In
  • Yamaha CS5, Control Volt In
  • Yamaha CS40M, Filter Foot Control
  • Any modular synthesizer

The Syntaur CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal is available for $59.95 at the Syntaur site.

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12 thoughts on “Syntaur CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal

  1. Ummm…Compatible with Yamaha CS-5? I don’t see a CV input on the back of the CS-5 other than the CV in that I assume is to control the oscillator. However, on the CS-10, the input is labeled “Key IN”. Maybe they are different? There is a pedal input on the CS-30 to control the volume, not sure it is a CV IN type.

        1. After comparing the info on CS-5, 10, 15 and 30, they all have the same CV in meant to control the oscillator(s), but with a different label for CS-5. So if the Syntaur works for CS-5, it should work the same for the other ones. I have not been able to find the specs for the pedal input on my CS-30

  2. I wish the people at Syntaur the best of luck… but why buy this for $60 instead of the Moog EP-2 expression pedal for $40? Do they do the same thing?

    1. The difference is that the EP-2 is an expression pedal (just a potentiometer inside a pedal) while the syntaur pedal actually generates cv.

  3. I’ve a fan of Syntaur, having bought several parts from them, but this seems like a waste. You don’t need a powered pedal for any of the input jacks listed form keyboards. Now for modulars the voltage could be neat.

  4. was looking for something exactly like this a few months ago for use with my SCI prophet 600 – the cheapest options were in the $200 range. went with a kenton pro solo mkii, which can convert pedal input to CV output – worked well, but decided it wasn’t worth the $200 either. 😛

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