Arturia iMini v1.2, Now With iOS7 Compatibility

Thursday, Arturia announced an update of its iMini app, to version 1.2, an iOS 7-supporting update to its recreation of the 1971-vintage Minimoog monosynth for the iPad.

The advances to the iMini app take advantage of iOS 7’s built-in Inter-App Audio, allowing users to send MIDI commands and stream audio between apps on the same device. Using its new iOS 7-supporting INTERAPP AUDIO TRANSPORT feature, iMini v1.2 can easily connect and control other similarly-supportive apps.

The iMini v 1.2 update is free for current iMini users. And for every new customer buying the iMini app, Arturia will continue their tradition of making a donation to The Bob Moog Foundation. In turn, this supports the dream of building the Moogseum (Bob Moog Museum), the convergence of The Bob Moog Foundation’s goals of inspiring and educating people through electronic music.

Pricing and Availability.
Arturia_iMini_v1point2Arturia’s iMini v 1.2 app for iPad is available now, and can be purchased from Apple’s App Store for $9.99 US / 8.99 Euro / £6.99 UK. For additional information, please check the Arturia website.

10 thoughts on “Arturia iMini v1.2, Now With iOS7 Compatibility

      1. I updated it and it wouldn’t launch anymore. But if I’m the only one it happened to, then I’m sorry my comment was misleading. But right now I can’t use iMini, which was my favorite synth on the iPad !

        1. Same for me too, doesn’t work on iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1, crashes back to home screen when launching it. V disappointed as really liked the synth before 1.2 update.

  1. Maybe I do something different than before, but the arpeggiator now feel broken…

    I use Beatmaker 2 to drive iMini, via Nlog Pro’s midi passthrough because iMini won’t play BM2 midi directly (update didn’t fix that 🙁 )

    Anyways, I really liked its arpeggiator before: I would sequence, in BM2, long notes and some CC tracks to control the speed of the arpeggio in iMini (T*2, T*4 CC blocks)… It use to work seamlessly, now if I change a parameter in the arpeggio, iMini just drop the current note and wait for next one, in my case that can be as long as 4 bars… So I can’t do that anymore.

    Another chapter in the love/hate relationship I have with iMini: such a nice sound from a fairly simple synth, such an half-assed execution by Retronym (I would not consider TableTop even with a ten foot capacitive friendly pole)

    By simple synth, I mean I get awesome sounds with far fewer knobs tweaking than with Nlog or Nave or Thor. iMini limitations in customization makes it easy to understand/control and it’s hard to not get freaking amazing sounds from it. The quirks are holding it back so much, I just want to bitch-slap it and or Retronym for teasing and breaking my heart so often!

    I hope BM2 will become a IAA host and it will fix all this,


      1. I hope they improve file management at some point. If they streamlined that process, it would be a perfect app for me. Well, and add a turn background audio off switch or something. It’s ridiculous having to close the app from the iOS system tray after use.

  2. Of course Apple sucks, partially. Almost all large companies do, because the way much of the world works, it takes sociopaths to press hard enough to become a big market hit. I find myself spending far less than I could, because companies lately seem to think that I am supposed to do part of THEIR work and eat disruptive changes too often.

    In business, Friction is defined as “The amount of time and effort the customer must expend to acquire goods or services.” By that standard, I’ve damned near caught FIRE trying to give some asshole money, sometimes lot of it. I shocked three by walking away from them with my cash after X amount of sloppy BS and excuses. “But but but…” doesn’t impress me. Frankly, I’m not there to surf their internal operational issues; they are there to encourage me to BUY their goods. That’s ALL I should generally have to do. Supplier setbacks, lousy managers, customer service vaporware, etc. are not for me to shoulder. I don’t expect instant service or perfection, as honest problems can crop up anywhere, but when a company’s policies become a chore, I walk away after about 3 or 4 tries. You should do the same, with increasing frequency and vigor. Don’t reward such behavior casually, if at all. Demand the same cooperation and ADULTHOOD *they* always demand from YOU.

    I like Apple’s general stability in their desktops, but I will not be anyone’s monkey just because they stick their hands out. I dropped a DAW of many years and 2 softsynths because their support turned into an ass-kick. That’s why I now buy from MOTU, Camel Audio, Apple and a few small software houses who actually respond and perform. Be as discerning as you can and support those who are efficient. Its one way to nudge the market towards better behavior. SOMEtimes it even seems to work, a little.

    1. Thank you … your words are the ones I would have chosen if I had them … unfortunately when I said it .. it just came out as Apple Sucks.

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